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George st pierre workout app, fitness training program - PDF Review

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The app will start you with a nine-minute test consisting of a short warm-up (shadow boxing, jumping jacks, and a light jog), followed by three short rounds of body-weight exercises. Pierre's level of fitness without throwing some serious iron around is debatable, but Touchfit's individually tailored workouts provide enough challenge and variety that improvements in fitness levels are sure to follow.

But the Touchfit:GSP personal training app has a surprise for the rest of us, including an adaptable, all-encompassing routine with aspects of body-weight exercises, interval training, and even gymnastics that will help anyone build their strength, balance, speed, and explosiveness. Pierre himself looks like he's putting concentrated effort into some of the more challenging selections: single-leg hop jumps, pike flutter kicks, and handstand pushups, to name a few.

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