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Gained 10 pounds in a month pregnancy, foods to eat on a diet yahoo answers - Within Minutes

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It’s easy now to look back and be okay with the high weight gain in the first few weeks since I know how the rest of pregnancy ended up for me. As a caveat, all websites do have a blurb about how the weight gain is only recommended, but since I gained double what any of them had suggested before I even was out of the 1st trimester,  I was concerned I was on the road to gaining too much weight. It seems like all the information out there causes too many females to get wrapped around what the scale says during pregnancy (especially early on) rather than HOW they feel, what their vitals are indicating, and how their baby is doing. This entry was posted in Pregnancy, running and tagged 1st trimester, delivery, doctor, pregnancy, weight gain by nycrunningmama. Enjoying her slimmer frame: Khloe Kardashian - flaunting her own 25-pound weight loss - dutifully came to visit her pregnant sister Kim at her Beverly Hills home on FridayThe Keeping Up with the Kardashians star accessorised her strong look with a gold medallion choker, a big black studded purse, and matching studded Louboutins. After Stage admitted to only having gained 20 pounds by her eighth month of pregnancy, many were shocked to learn that her and the baby were both safe and sound post-delivery.
Despite the backlash, Stage remained true to herself throughout the pregnancy, continuing to keep her stomach toned. She’s an extremely active (biked 100 miles just before she got pregnant), petite woman ( she would get turned away if she tried to donate blood), who has continued to eat healthy and remain active during the early part of her pregnancy. I went to a dr check up today at 19 weeks pregnant and I saw a midwife instead of the first dr I saw.
In addition to being on team gained 8-10 pounds by week 13 (thank you boobs…!), l aso just did a half marathon at week 15.
I am now 23 weeks and have gained around 17 pounds and can’t help but let it bother me. She said that I should slow down my weight gain and that I should only gain a total of 25 pounds.
I am in the 13th week of my first pregnancy and have gained about 10 lbs, mainly in my breasts and belly.

I’m very active, and was nervous about this because my midwife told me I needed to start a diet after gaining 5 pounds my first trimester! The more and more comments that come in, the more the weight gain chart seems to be proven wrong – so many active, healthy women are gaining weight differently (and mabe even more weight!) than recommended. I was very concerned that I only gain 1-5 pounds during my fist trimester, but after only 10 weeks I’ve already gained 7 (I think mostly in my boobs)! I love running and I actually ran a 3:50 marathon 3 weeks before finding out I was pregnant. Well, 9 months have passed and although many worried about the health of her unborn child and the effects of her continuous fitness routine throughout her pregnancy, Stage has given birth to a healthy child.
I am very active, and before pregnancy was exercising 5 days a week, practicing Taekwondo, running, weights and plyometric fitness classes. I’m not eating a ton more or worse have been running 6 days per week (although at a much slower pace to keep my HR under 140bpm) throughout the entire pregnancy.
Apparently the new recommendation is for women to not gain more than 20 lbs during the whole pregnancy! And I’m really surprised that your midwife wants you to diet – especially after gaining only 5 pounds! But I always did before I was pregnant too and have always been at a good weight for my height. I was freaking out because just about every website and book I have read has said 2-4 lbs should be gained in the first trimester. I have gained a total of 11 pounds at 19 weeks pregnant and I feel like this midwife unnecessary stressed me out and made me worry. I am already showing quite a bit and struggling because I’m not fitting the mold of weight gain discussed in all of the books.

I wasn’t worried about it at all until I downloaded an app that said I would probably have gained 4-5 pounds! My doctor freaked me out and kept saying I was on the road to gaining 60 lbs during pregnancy and I would have a terrible time losing it. The average weight of newborn babies is between 5.5 and 10 pounds, which puts this little guy on the heavier side of the scale. Every website also suggests pregnant women to eat so much food to get the recommended nutrients.
I’ve read in a lot of places that dieting during pregnancy is risky business and the focus should be more on steady gaining – not losing weight!!
Before pregnancy, I was eating about 500-700 calories a day (fruit for lunch and chocolate milk after working out). Thanks for a place to enjoy the wonderful experience of pregnancy with like minded people, would be so frustrated without your blog! Now, I realize how detrimental those guidelines are and I work everyday to not focus on the weight gain but the lovely being growing inside of me. This post made me feel reassured that my early weight gain was necessary to add some extra padding and that if I stay active I should even out.

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