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Best News Bloopers of 2014 So Far It's early in the year and we already have this many bloopers. The best bloopers ever We made a little comp of our fav bloopers from Bill Dance's AWESOME fishing DVDs. Epic Will Ferrell Bloopers Ten Minutes of bloopers from Ron Burgundy in Anchorman, Ricky Bobby in Talladega Nights, Brennan in Stepbrothers and Ashley Schaeffer's from Eastbound and Down. Best News Bloopers of February We only really watch the news for car chases and bloopers like these.

Best News Bloopers of August August was a good month for news bloopers, here are the best ones. The Lego Movie Blooper Reel is the Best Blooper Reel The Lego Movie was great, everyone agrees on that.
Best Weather Bloopers of 2013 There were a lot of weather bloopers in 2013, here's all of them.
The blooper reel from The Lego Movie is the best blooper reel, everyone has agreed to that.

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