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Fruits high in protein content, meal plan for weight loss - For You

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Protein is essential for growth, hormones, blood clotting, regulation of the acid-alkaline balance of tissues, and a host of other processes.
While all essential amino acids are found in eggs, meat, and animal products as a whole (this is why we say that animal foods provide a complete source of protein), they are also found in plant foods, mainly whole grains and legumes. According to my own research, it is very difficult and even impossible to have a balanced, nutritious diet with only 10% of protein; you will always get more protein from your diet and this is fine.

Likewise, 35% protein is really a lot for most of us who are only lightly or moderately active. A good range that can apply to most people is to have a protein intake of 12%-20% of daily calories. If you are a woman who needs 1800 calories a day, that’s 216-360 calories of protein, which represent 54g to 90g protein a day.

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