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Foods with lots of protein and no fat, work out for the upper abs - Plans Download

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Protein is such an important part of our diet; it helps keep you fuller for longer, improves your metabolism, reduces body fat and increases your lean muscle mass. It’s always best to consider reaching for a protein snack during the day rather than an empty calorie snack. Incorporating a nutritional shake into your daily routine is a great idea; our Herbalife Formula #1 will provide 9g of protein per serving, add our Personalised Protein Powder at 5g per dessert spoon and you are providing your body with much needed protein in addition to your normal food intake. Lack of protein in our diets can cause growth failure, loss of muscle mass, decreased immunity, weakening of the heart and respiratory system and death.

Some proteins you eat contain all the amino acids needed to build new proteins, and these are called complete proteins.
Animal proteins, or complete proteins, release acids which the body neutralises with calcium, so a diet high in animal proteins, particularly in the low-Carb or no-Carb diets, results in the body requiring lots of calcium.
It is important to consider the ‘package’ in which the protein comes; some foods will also come with lots of unhealthy fats. Sugary foods and high GI carbohydrates spike your energy levels, leaving you feeling like you are still hungry and low on energy.

Choose the leanest cuts of meats you can and take the low-fat option when it comes to dairy intake. Other protein sources lack one or more of the amino acids and are therefore called incomplete proteins; these are usually from fruits, vegetables, grains and nuts.

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