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With the time of year upon us where we look more to the comfort foods we enjoy now the weather is turning for the worse, the cold, the rain makes it hard to eat a salad. We want warm, comfort food like Shepherds Pie, Lasagne and Casseroles to give us energy and keep us warm. While it is okay to eat the foods we enjoy or those rare occasions, the chocolate, cake, soda, alcohol, we most eat with some self control and keep it to a minimum if we want maximum results in the quickest possible time. But unless you are morbidly obese and need to cut your calorie intake drastically, this isn’t the right method, for those who are simply looking to lose a more “normal” amounts.
As an example, I wouldn’t use the Atkins diet as more then a short term weight lose programme.
Its not a diet that is sustainable for a long time for many health reasons and I personally don’t recommend doing it for longer than a month without getting advise from doctors and nutrition experts. But can see the benefits of this diet for professional sports people who need to lose weight quickly, like a boxer to get to their target weight or bodybuilder to show better muscle definition for their competitions.

Yet, even though the Paleo diet is very similar, it has more of a long term mindset, and can be sustains for longer periods giving you nutrition that the Atkins diet just will not. The reason for the high number of 7 is that it will boost your metabolism and help burn more calories, ie fat, more quickly. When looking for a diet to lose weight, pick a diet that you know you can sustain, use your common sense, look at reviews and if it has helped more people than not. As an incentive for you to start your diet I want you to have the best possible chance of success I will offer you this. I will add everybody into a group into a secret mastermind group solely for our own benefit and support. If you did and don't want to miss out on my future posts, fill in the form below and you'll get them straight to your inbox, everytime they are posted. If you feel you need a little more help and direction, then I am please to offer you my time on skype or other means for a nominal fee.

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