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I found that the things that smelled the worst to me during pregnancy were often the ones on this list, which I find really interested. Pregnancy in and of itself can be a confusing and lonely world-- there are so many different opinions and decisions, and everything rests squarely on your shoulders. Other egg products that moms-to-be should avoid are eggnog, mousse, ice cream, meringue, cookie or cake batter, dressing and sauces made with raw eggs.  These would include  mayonnaise, hollandaise sauce, bearnaise sauce and Caesar salad dressing.
The FDA has laid out a simple four-step process for food safety:  clean, separate, cook, and chill. The foods to avoid during pregnancy include raw cheeses, liver, swordfish and king mackerel, raw or undercooked meat, raw eggs, unripe papaya, alcohol, caffeine, diet soda, fresh juices, etc.
The stepping stone to motherhood, in other words pregnancy, without a doubt, brings a lot of unprecedented changes in a woman’s life. There are some foods that are not suitable for women who have conceived as well as the fetus. Feta Cheese– When you are pregnant, refrain from including feta cheese in your meals.
Liver– Liver contains vitamin A in very high amounts, which is thought to be clinically unsafe for pregnant women and the babies. Under-cooked meat- Pregnancy is that time of your life when you have the strangest of cravings.
Just like foods, certain types of beverages can be harmful to both you and the precious life growing within you. Alcohol– During pregnancy, you would do well to stay away from alcohol as far as possible.
Caffeine– When you are pregnant, mood swings and lethargy can set in from time to time. Diet soda-If you think drinking diet soda based drinks has no bearing on your pregnancy, you are grossly mistaken! It is prudent that you evade consuming specific foods and beverages to ensure you and your unborn baby stay healthy and there is no complication during your pregnancy.
Tobacco- When you are pregnant, avoiding all sources of tobacco smoke is crucial to ensure well being of the baby.

Skincare and grooming- Gone are the days, when pregnant women were housed within four walls with a parchment of rules to adhere to. OTC Medications-You may feel pregnancy related symptoms like nausea, back pain and headaches –in nearly all trimesters in varying amounts.
Contact sports-It may be tough for women in active sports and athletics to stay idle in pregnancy. Amusement park rides– While you may think this can rejuvenate the mind, this can prove to be a risky outing during pregnancy.
X-ray- Medical experts advise that women who have conceived should avoid x-rays unless it is absolutely necessary. Sauna, Jacuzzis- Studies have shown activities that cause a sudden spurt in body temperature can be risky for pregnant women and cause birth problems. Household cleaning- You should not get involved in household cleaning activities in pregnancy, more so in the last two trimesters. And things to avoid during pregnancy include tobacco, tress, skincare and grooming, OTC medications, pesticides, pets, contact sports, amusement park rides, X-rays, horseback riding, sauna or jacuzzis, sunbath, household cleaning and lifting weights. If you are pregnant and anxious as to what you should not be doing through these 9 months, we have compiled for you just the guide you need.
During pregnancy, you should either limit the consumption of these beverages or stop simply stop consuming them altogether.
It is needless to say that a tall glass of fresh fruit juice can be refreshing during summer.
You may feel like getting a facial done to shake off pre-birth blues, but avoid a Jacuzzi or sauna visit throughout your term.
To ensure that your baby is born healthy, you will need to exercise certain precautions when it comes to food intake. You should preferably stick to vegetable sources of Vitamin A during pregnancy to have an uneventful pregnancy. While for some pregnant women it may be pickles, it could be ice cream or plain sugar for others. You may also need to make some drastic lifestyle changes for a smooth and healthy pregnancy.

In fact, you should do well to avoid passive smoking, both at home and outside when you have conceived. If you are pregnant, there is no reason why you should not dress up or groom yourself, before you step out of home!
So, you should ideally avoid using such products and read labels of floor cleaners and disinfectants before using them.
While some doctors suggest that you steer clear from such rides during the first and third trimesters, we recommend that you simply decline an invite to the amusement park, lest the temptation to step onto a ride may get the better of you! From foods that you take or beverages that you like, everything needs to be consumed only after careful consideration and if necessary, after a consultation with your doctor. Stress can lead to issues like insomnia and constipation in pregnant women, that can make pregnancy a sore experience. As tempting as it may be, pass off eating any form of cheese to ensure you have a safe and healthy pregnancy.
You will be left with cherished memories and nostalgia of your pregnancy, and yes a beautiful and healthy baby, who will bring a smile to your face. Choose fish like tuna and salmon, if you cannot stay away from seafood through your pregnancy. Doctors recommend that you stay away from those fish that are noted for their high levels of mercury, such as marlin, Ahi tuna, roughy, swordfish, shark, mackerel, tilefish, sea bass, grouper, bluefish, and other tuna types.The American Pregnancy Organization has a chart outlining the levels of mercury in fish and the Food and Drug Administration has their own confusing version. This is why you should avoid drinking coffee and aerated drinks that have caffeine in elevated amounts in pregnancy.
Go natural, and choose from a wide range of all natural products to add to the glow on your face during your pregnancy. They say that no more than 10 ounces of low mercury fish should be eaten weekly and that you should eat no more than three 6-oz servings of high mercury fish a month, avoiding the highest mercury fish completely.

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