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Fitness plans that work, how to work out pecs with resistance bands - Reviews

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These workout plans are designed to unleash your inner superhero, as well as your outer superhero movie-watching self. The thing that Game of Thrones, The Avengers, and The Hunger Games have in common is that you watch them all while sitting on your butt, possibly depositing corn chowder down your gullet. Neila Ray recently released a series of workout plans designed to bequeath CGI abs unto movie nerds.

Pop culture and fitness don't often mix, except of course at fancy gyms with movie screens in the cardio area. Her growing selection of equipment-free workout routines feature names like Dragonborn, Jedi, and Iron Man, with slogans like "A Lannister Always Does His Reps." Looking at the plans, it's not immediately clear what these routines have to do with the films they're evoking. Rather than prescribe watching movies while working out, though, one fitness expert is injecting movies into the workouts themselves.

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