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Fitness magazine cover, healthy chicken enchilada recipe greek yogurt - Review

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Damaris Lewis shows off her summer ready bod on the cover of the June issue of Fitness Magazine. Comfort without guilt shown by Lindsay in Fitness Magazine which is published in the month of May 2014. We are offered a breath of fresh air in the world of magazine covers as lovely Daisy Fuentes graces the cover of the September issue of Fitness Magazine as their first Mind, Body Spirit Superstar (a fab way to generate awareness of top women’s health causes and work to promote change).
That cover picture of her is either overly photoshopped or she is about to join the skinny bobble-head club.

Britney Spears is set to be Shape magazine's next cover girl after revealing she posed for the diet and fitness publication this week.The 31-year-old, who has two children, revealed the news in a message to her Twitter fans on Tuesday. She is set to follow in the footsteps of Beyonce, who is on the current issue of the American magazine.
Jamie Eason is a famous fitness model who has appeared in many magazine covers, especially those related to fitness and bodybuilding.  She is about 110 pounds and her body percentage is about 10%. Be sure to check out the full story, as well as what exactly Daisy did to prepare for the shoot, in the September issue of Fitness.

I just wish they'd stop showing Fitness models with shorts so short you can see the edges of their tiny booties.

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