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Fitness competition diet, abs workouts at home - Review

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When preparing for a fitness competition, a minimum of 12-14 weeks needs to be allowed before the show to get ready.
Before starting a fitness competition diet, it is advisable to have a cheat meal day or two, eating the majority of your favorite foods. Up until about six weeks prior to a fitness competition, a cheat meal is allowed once a week.
It is important to have significant others, friends and family in your life that support you and your choice to compete in a fitness competition.
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Most fitness competitors begin the fitness competition diet about 13 weeks before the show, so that around two weeks before the show, the physique is where it needs to be.

They can help you stay on track with your competition diet, whether you are at home or out at a restaurant.
Recommended daily supplements include a multi-vitamin, digestive enzymes to support digestion and alleviate gas and bloating, L-Glutamine for essential protein synthesis and optimal recovery, Ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to support immune system, and EFAs which may be depleted while eating a fitness competition diet. After developing stress fracture in both hips from the copious amounts of running, I decided to increase my weight training intensity and prepare for a figure competition. Each person below succeeded through hard work and dedication to their personal training program and diet plan, designed for them by Necofitness. The final two weeks should be focused on resting the body and tightening up the fitness routine. It is just a time to enjoy delicious food because over the next 12-14 weeks, a strict fitness competition diet will be in place. Anyone can achieve their optimal level of wellness and fitness but it is a matter of commitment, readiness, and acceptance and love for yourself from the beginning.

From a generally healthy young adult in ‘shape’ to a workout obsessed chronic dieter, I battled rebounding after shows, gaining up to 25 pounds or more of fat in just a few weeks and then crash dieting to lose it all repeatedly. I am Glory Billman, Registered Nurse, ACSM certified personal trainer, diet coach, fitness model, and a world champion figure athlete. The mental preparation, the diet, the intense hours training, and the sacrifices made…all a test of how much YOU can take.
I guarantee even if you are not, you will take away some great tips to enhance your fitness, diet, and vitality.

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