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Fitness bikini workout, bench press maximum weight - Try Out

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Long story short, 2 years later I became a Pro and have been absolutely hooked by the fitness and bodybuilding lifestyle. I am blessed to be a strong influence and role model for people in the Fitness and Health Industry by helping them change the way they eat and live their lives! Full body workouts mainly every day, with variations of cardio (30-60 minutes incline walking). Since I am a bikini competitor, I look up to Nicole Wilkins, Nicole Nagrani and Amanda Latona, they are definitely my favorite and most inspirational athletes.

I was studying to become a Personal Trainer in 2009 and while I was researching fitness and training ideas on the internet I came across a YouTube clip of a bikini contest, it was amazing. But I really find that plyometrics is the most effective for my body because of the full body movements and the high intensity of the workout and it is also great if you are short on time! Although all of the bodybuilders and fitness models looked amazing and this inspired me to eat clean and train hard. After a year of competing and five shows later (including 1st place Ms Bikini Amateur Olympia at British Grand Prix 2011), I joined Team Bombshell who helped me get to the next level.

This is the product my friends!) After my workouts I like to replenish my glycogen stores with a protein shake. At the time I was in college to become a registered nurse, I ended up changing my degree to became a physical fitness specialist.

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