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Fitness ballet, best exercises to lose weight in stomach - For Begninners

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How to Do It: With feet and thighs turned out ballerina-style, hinge forward to a flat back and lightly grasp the seat of a chair.
How to Do It: To start, rise onto balls of the feet, heels touching, hips turned out, knees slightly bent. As a former dancer myself, it's great to see more and more people embracing dance as part of their regular fitness routines.
For the purposes of this review, I'll be referring to my experience in BarWorks, a fitness class modeled after The Bar Method, that is currently offered by YogaWorks in both beginning, intermediate & advanced levels.
Because fitness classes like BarWorks aren't as commonly offered as yoga or Pilates, the standard rates tend to be on the higher end of the scale. The cost to attend a BarWorks or other dance fitness class will vary depending on where you go, and but most appear to cost between $18 and $30 each.
BarWorks is a great class to throw into your regular fitness routine to spice things up and challenge your body in a new and different way.

I personally love this class, because I frequently miss my high school days filled with dance practice and ballet classes! There are a fair few ballet and barre based workouts out there now, none of which you will be expected to pirouette or grand jete across the floor. Our Barre Technique or Ballet Bootcamp are a great intro and are suitable for everyone.You get a great all over body workout while getting a chance to really nail the right technique. The classes, available at New York's Chaise Fitness and taught by former New York City Ballet dancer Rachel Piskin, uses an overhead bungee cord to sculpt your whole body with pliés and tendus. Aside from getting your body in great shape, ballet and Sleek in particular has a strong focus on muscle symmetry, good posture and injury prevention. Mary Helen Bowers, a former New York City Ballet dancer who trained Natalie Portman for Black Swan, created the method to improve posture and target trouble areas such as arms, inner thighs and the back using your own bodyweight and techniques such as various ballet positions and "swan arms".
With a Sleek class, what you will get is a focussed 30 to 45minute workout with it’s roots in classical ballet but adapted to work for even a novice.

The Bar Method, for example, which incorporates exercises on a ballet bar, has been an exercise mainstay with roots dating back to 1959. Despite the new routine and the vast difference in the number of hours I devote to exercising, the one thing that hasn’t changed is my body.With ballet being Flik and I’s common passion and the way we have both kept in shape our whole lives, we knew the body benefits and wanted to incorporate them in whatever we did. With Sleek we have created compact workouts that combines authentic classical ballet technique (the likes of which dancers have used for many years to hone and tone their dancer like physiques) with all our current fitness knowledge.

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