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Fitness at home training, how to get rid of beer belly fat - For You

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Home training is becoming more and more popular every day with people wanting to save money on gym memberships.
I train Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville and Burlington based  clients with or without equipment in their homes, office, hotel gyms and many outdoor locations.
SheKnows spoke to some of our favorite fitness experts to learn a few of their training secrets and fitness tips so we can all try them at home. Have a fitness assessment done so that you can compare improvement over time and set goals. Outside of a session with a trainer, consider a personalized online fitness program in which a professional customizes a workout for you that you follow at home, says Calabrese.

You also don't have to worry about travelling anywhere or what time you'll be home, and afterwards you can just jump in the shower, and it's done.
Having a trainer come to your home is time and cost effective plus more comfortable to you. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds or inches, improve your physical and cardiovascular conditioning, build muscle and gain strength, or merely to become a better and healthier you, choose to train with your home gym or Pilates equipment or have us “bring the gym” to you. As fitness and exercise specialist Kelli Calabrese explains, common pitfalls have a lot to do with patience. We would bring all the equipment needed to your home and you will be taught how to use it with the guidance of your trainer.

A lot of people already own some pieces of equipment, which makes the training easier but even if you own nothing then we have everything that's needed for a great workout. I especially love training women, particularly those post baby bodies (whether it be recent or many years down the track!!) I've been there and done it myself, and I know the struggles we face after having babies, but I'm here to offer a solution to those tummy's that need tightening, bum's that need lifting and thighs that need toning!

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