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Fight gone bad wod scores, how can i get 6 pack - For You

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Come in between 8am-10am to work on your lifts, make up a WOD you missed or do some mobility work! I was so bummed that I was too hungover to do yesterday’s WOD because it was a good one: Fight Gone Bad! I did the WOD as prescribed for women, so I used a 14-pound medicine ball for the Wallballs and 55 pounds for the Sumo Deadlift High-Pulls and Push Presses. On September 17, more than 970 CrossFit affiliates and 10,000 individual athletes will participate in Fight Gone Bad 6 to raise funds for Special Operations Warrior Foundation, CrossFit Kids, and Camp Patriot.

Here’s me, with the post-workout stupids, talking about why I was doing Fight Gone Bad.
Ahhhhhhhh I see you got to do it soon after my Fete Gone Bad comment the other day – good job!!! My goal is 300, too… but since I started doing it RX, my score has hovered in the 210-220 range, so I have a way to go. It reminded me a lot of sparring; same fight to channel anger and to maintain some form of body control after the body turns to jelly.

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