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Somehow triglycerides, which are an essential macronutrient and building block of life, become know as fats—I’m not familiar with how this happened but that’s neither here nor there. Second, products containing gluten are almost always empty calories.  These processed products contain large amounts of carbohydrates and little in the way of healthy fats, protein, or vitamins and minerals.
Vilifying fat by correlating dietary fat with being physically fat created the opportunity for food companies to initiate the processed food campaign. And there is no better evidence of this than the ideas surrounding fat, cholesterol and what is considered a “healthy” diet.

What I want you to be conscious of is the trap of buying processed food that is masked as healthy via a big fat GF label. Regardless of what visuals appear in your head, it’s almost universal in this country that the word fat has is linked to being overweight. The idea that fat is going to make you fat, or eating cholesterol is going to clog your arteries, are two of the most health destroying ideas ever introduced to the American people. In fact, this sounds like my average Wholefoods experience where every other product has a big fat GF label on it.

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