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Fat man with six pack big brother, best diet plan to lose weight faster - PDF Review

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Darryn Lyons has told Celebrity Big Brother housemate Paddy Doherty that he has had a surgical procedure known as 'contouring' done to give himself a six-pack.The Mr Paparazzi founder unveiled his washboard stomach when Doherty questioned him on his "busted out" abs. He's caused a stir for all the wrong reasons since finding himself on the other side of the camera on this year's Celebrity Big Brother because of his hypnotically awful surgically sculpted fake six pack.

This is despite most online viewers of the show calling the look 'bizarre', with many saying he looked like he was in fancy dress as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.The ?4000 procedure sees fat sucked out of specific areas of the torso to make it look as if the patient has super-toned abdominal muscles without ever hitting the gym. The 46-year-old is co-director and the main investor in firm Body Contour and after his stint in the Big Brother house for Channel Five, will be concentrating on bringing the procedure to the UK.

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