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Fat legs skinny torso, exercise to reduce belly fat fast - Plans Download

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I forgot to add that besides the long torso types looking shorter, the above comments about shoulders, chest, and head size affecting perceived size are totally true. What I mean by thick in the middle is that because my torso is short, there is less distance between my rib cage and hips. What this means is, in comparison to the rest of my body, my torso is short, and my legs are long.
My sister is only an inch taller than me but her legs are way longer than mine and she has a shorter torso. There are certain tops that I hate wearing unless I have high heels on..something about the proportions just scream for longer legs!

My friend is only an inch taller, but very lean with long legs, so she doesn't look that petite at all until you see her up close. When I'm with my petite friends, I have a wider frame which makes me seem taller and bigger (and sometimes fatter).
This also effects her body fat distribution, as her legs and arms are thicker than mine, but her waist is slimmer. Because I have long legs and long arms compared to the rest of me, the body fat in those areas have more room to spread out…so they appear thin. However, because my torso is short, the body fat in that region has less places to go, so I’m a little thick around the waist.

I don't know if my legs are the shorter kind, but my whole body looks very skinny, although my nutricionist have told me I have normal fat levels in my body.

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