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Things to stay away from are processed foods, takeaways and sugary snacks; it's all mainly refined carbohydrates and bad fats. Most weight loss diets will usually give some sort of recommendation of the preferred or optimal protein carb and fat ratio based on the effect is supposedly has on your hormone balance and the way your body digests the food, how it will make you feel yadda yadda. It’s generally a good idea to eat more protein if you want to gain more muscle, because protein consists of amino acids that are used to build, repair and maintain muscle tissue. If you’re an endurance athlete you may need extra fuel in the form of carbs to keep you going.
You’d have to measure the protein fat and carb content of each meal and of each individual food.

Choose proteins that are low in fat like poultry, fish, lean beef or eggs, and add a protein supplement to your routine like Sunwarrior Warrior Protein Blend to increase your protein intake. Be careful, consuming 50% carbs is only for super athletes who give 100% and truly use their food as fuel because those carbs are quickly transferred into immediate energy. Our meals should consist of three main nutritional groups, these being carbohydrates, proteins and good fats.
And in the simplest terms a diet breaks down to the calories that come from three primary sources: protein, carbohydrates, and fats.
Carbohydrates are not to be avoided because they help grow and repair muscles, so choose ones that are high in fiber and full of whole grains.

1 scoop of this yummy vanilla flavored powder contains the perfect proportion of nutrients you need to stay fit and healthy: 7g (30%) Protein, 9g (40%) Carbohydrates and 3g (30%) Fat. Here are the percentage ratios of what main food groups should be in your day or even on your plate.

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