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Fat burn workout on treadmill, fastest way to lose body fat naturally - Plans Download

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Each of the following treadmill workouts is designed interval-style, which means they alternate between “working” and “resting” segments.  The most effective way to perform any interval program is to truly push as hard as possible for a given sprint segment and then really and truly rest during the recovery segment. Intervals are hands down one of the best ways to crank up the rate that your body burns fat.
The treadmill can definitely get boring, so I try to do workouts that include frequent pace changes to mix things up and keep things interesting. That said, here’s a 30-minute running workout that alternates varying inclines with short bursts of sprinting and slower recovery periods for a seriously booty-burning session that will blast fat and keep your mind engaged.

As with all our workouts, feel free to increase or decrease speed depending on your level of fitness.
If this workout doesn't appeal to you, here are a bunch of other treadmill workouts to try.
If you’re trying to drop weight but you don’t like the idea of spending hours and hours in the gym, you need to learn to utilize treadmill interval workouts. All interval-style workouts designed for fat loss–elliptical, treadmill, bike, stepmill, track and plyometric workouts.

We’ve all been there, which is why we decided to share this 41-minute treadmill workout with you.
Interval training is also one of the best ways to beat belly bulge, so torch some serious calories with this 45-minute treadmill workout.

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