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Fast way to burn fat, pics of the rock cycle - Plans Download

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Exercises such as crunches with one leg extended can really help you lose belly fat when you add them to your resistance training program. An early morning workout before breakfast gives you a great start to the day, boosting your metabolism to keep fat burning off throughout the rest of the day. Building muscle has shown to help burn fat, medium intensity weight training whilst maintaining a healthy balanced diet is one of the best ways to burn fat. Push yourself further every two weeks or so, increase the amount of weights you’re lifting buy 10-20lbs in order to increase the intensity and increase the fat-burning.

Try drinking two cups of green tea a day, the natural caffeine will boost your metabolism and help you to burn fat.
However implementing both in one workout can be very beneficial; alternating your intensity during a workout has shown to be one of the best fat-burning tools you can use. Try parking a little further away from your destination, or getting off the bus a stop or two earlier and walking the rest of the way.
Get yourself a kettlebell (TK Maxx have some at the mo), a great inexpensive work out tool that you can do a variety of exercises with to quickly burn inches off your waist.

Foods such as olives andĀ avocadosĀ  foods with monounsaturated fats will also help you lower bad cholesterol levels.

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