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A lot of us are able to identify the major muscles that make up the human body, and even which muscles are activated during a particular exercise. Based on their chemical and mechanical properties, muscle fiber types fall under two main categories, type I and type II. Type I muscle fibers are important for stabilization and maintaining posture.   Examples include sitting up straight, or staying in control while balancing on one leg.
First of all it’s important to mix up your fitness routine, and do a variety of exercises to insure that your using both type I and type II muscle fibers to their fullest potential.
Type II fibers are responsible for muscle size and strength, so if your goal is to increase the size and strength of your muscles make exercises that utilize type II fibers your priority.

A nerve impulse travels from neuromuscular junction, along sarcolemma, down T-tubules, stimulates calcium release from sarcoplasmic reticulum, which allows the thin filaments to slide to the center of the sarcomere, causing it to shorten and the muscle to contract. The myosin heads relax into their low energy conformation, pulling the actin filaments toward the center of the sarcomere (causing all the sarcomeres along the myofibril to shorten, causing the myofibril to shorten, causing the muscle to shorten - or contract).
But today I’d like to go a little deeper and talk about the muscle fibers that make up each muscle, how they differ, and what their main functions are. Type I (also known as slow twitch) fibers, have more capillaries, mitochondria, and myoglobin, than type II (or fast twitch) fibers. For example, focus on compound movements rather than on isolating specific muscles, and most important choose weights that are heavy enough to be challenging.

While all muscles are made up of a combination of the two basic types of fibers, the combination itself depends on the function of the muscle.

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