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Face pulls with bands, barbell row alternative - Try Out

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Scap retracts or scap pull-ups are effective for people who have trouble activating their lats (which should be the first move you make in a pull-up). Bottoms-up kettlebell work increases your crush grip strength, your core strength, and your shoulder stability, which will help give you the edge you need to increase your pull-up strength.
For pull-ups, Do weighted holds in your weakest areas for 5-10 seconds (for most, it’s the top of the pull). To perform a band face pulls, take a resistance band and tie it around a vertical pole or portion of a machine at above head level and choke it off at one end.
Once you have the false grip, you should use it for all of the other exercises we’ve looked into – the row, the elevated row, the assisted pull-up – if you can do ‘em with a false grip, do it.

The ability to hang with straight arms, and then pull your shoulder blades down your back, is a good way to learn how to initiate the pull-up with your lats and make your back stronger for pulling. Pull the weights up while trying to touch your thumbs to your armpits, and squeeze your shoulder blades together for 5+ seconds. Also do a lot of body weight and weighted pull-up isometrics at various levels of the movement. Facing the pole, grab the band in each hand with an overhand grip with only one part of the band in each hand. Make sure you check out our pull up article for a bunch of tips to help you get on your way.

Start with your feet on a stool or a chair and support yourself like you were doing with the assisted dip. Take a step back so that the band is taught and arms are out in front of you parallel to the floor.
A false grip puts you higher above the rings at the top of the pull-up because it eliminates the wrist joint.

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