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Exercises to strengthen knee tendons, abdominal workout dvd - Within Minutes

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Many of the same caveats we saw with Achilles tendonitis apply to patellar tendonitis as well—it may not technically be an -itis in the classic sense of being an inflammatory problem, I'll still refer to the problem as "tendonitis," even though "tendonosis" or "tendinopathy" would be more proper.
Starting from a standing position, squat down on the affected side to 60° of knee flexion (see picture above).

Finally, since eccentric decline squats are helpful with patellar tendon injuries, it's tempting to prescribe them for knee injuries in general, especially because patellar tendon problems might present along with other knee issues or be misdiagnosed as a different knee problem. My pyhsio started me on knee bends on a flat surface but has just progressed me on to the slant board--adding the weights is to come later.

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