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Exercise for shoulder pain at home, bicep anatomy muscles - Review

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Back to Shoulder painMost cases of shoulder pain aren’t caused by anything serious and will ease within 2 weeks.
Runners knee, or iliotibial band friction syndrome (ITBS) is when iliotibial band irritates the lateral (outside) of the knee to cause knee pain. In the initial stages of inflammation use ice or cold packs for 10-15 minutes every hour until the pain has eased. Typically there are no long-term complications of iliotibial band syndrome but without taking proper steps to reduce the pain and correct any biomechanical problems, the pain may persist. This entry was posted in Musculoskeletal Health and tagged friction, iliotibial band friction syndrome, knee, massage, overuse injury, Pain, runners, running, tension on 15 June, 2015 by Almulcahy. For example, if you rely on your hands for your work, you are more prone to overuse injury of the arms. Weakness, numbness and or tingling in the extremities can occur as well as general aching or shooting pain. Most start with conservative treatments such as massage, physiotherapy and some stretching and strengthening exercises such as yoga or prescribed pilates.
At home treatments such as heat and cold therapies, rest, and the use of compression bandages can also help. Cupping stretches the connective tissue surrounding the muscles, allowing for release of compartment tension and greater movement of muscles. Dry needling alleviates trigger points in the muscles and referred pain that may have built up with overuse.
This entry was posted in Musculoskeletal Health and tagged compartment syndrome, cupping, dry needling, massage, overuse injury, Pain, remedial, tension on 12 May, 2015 by Almulcahy.
Adhesive capsulitis, or as it’s more commonly known, ‘frozen shoulder’, is when the shoulder capsule swells, stiffens and restricts mobility of the shoulder joint.
The first stage is called the ‘painful stage’ where pain occurs in the shoulder and the range of movement becomes slight limited. Manipulation and passive stretching of the joint, performed along side massage, can help manage pain and increase range of motion. Massage can also help manage the back and neck pain that may be associated with compensation for the limited range of the shoulder. Stretching the rotator cuff in all it’s directions can help increase the range of the shoulder and ease muscle tension.
When the shoulder is inflamed, especially after use, use ice to ease any inflammation and pain.
Ten to thirty minutes of relaxation techniques like meditation will help ease any heightened nerve activity that may be contributing to pain and tension in the rotator cuff. In my experience as a massage therapist, it is one of the main causes of lower back pain in those who sit for long periods of time, such as desk workers and drivers. Another way to help relieve lower back pain from sitting all day is to stretch through the thorax (midback) to take any pressure off the lower back. The disc itself is not painful, but rather the disc protruding from it’s cavity puts pressure on a nerve outside the vertebrae.
Usually a patient is advised to under go a period of conservative treatments to manage the pain before any kind of surgical intervention is considered. Physical therapy, such as physiotherapy and prescribed Pilates is a good option in learning how to care for your spine and manage your pain.
If your pain is ongoing and conservative treatments are not working then surgery may be considered. It’s main job is to help raise and lower your upper arm, it also helps rotate the head of the shoulder.
When there are trigger points in the pectoralis major, pain and tension will occur in the local chest area and may refer down the inside of the arm into the inside of the forearm and hand.

If you are doing stretches to look after your neck and shoulders, don’t forget to also stretch your pectorials. Shin splints, a common term used amongst the athletic community, describes chronic shin pain resulting from overuse.
Anterior shin splints usually result from overuse of the muscles the flex the foot down, for example, the muscles used when running downhill.
It is suggested that during overuse the muscle separates itself from the shin bone, which results in inflammation and pain. Stretching can increase range of movement and help reduce any tension that may be causing your pain.
Start by standing straight, bend your knee forward and step straight back to the ball of your foot. There are various other supportive methods for shin splints such as, tapping, compression sleeves, ice and heat treatments.
Symptoms include sensation of extreme tension in the muscle and burning increasing through exercise.  The pressure usually decreases after exercise has stopped and the pain will be relieved. Invasive treatment such as surgery can be an effective for sufferers of compartment syndrome. This entry was posted in Musculoskeletal Health and tagged calf, compartment syndrome, overuse injury, Pain, running, shin, splints on 22 September, 2014 by Almulcahy. Dry needling is a Western based philosophy, pioneered by Janet Travell, MD, where the needles are inserted into the trigger point or ‘knot’ in the muscle to treat musculoskeletal pain. Although, there is a high degree of similarity between the locations of trigger points and acupuncture pressure points for pain relief.
Dry needling of a trigger point will elicit an involuntary reflex in the muscle fibers, blood, oxygen and inflammation will be forced into the muscle and the nerve endings in the muscle will be stimulated, all resulting in a reduction in pain and release of tension in the muscle. If a nerve is touched, it may cause paresthesia (a pins and needles sensation) which is usually brief, but it may continue for a couple of days. You should not receive needling if you are suffering from blood disorders such as Hemophilia or VonWillebrands disease. There is no specific, predetermined number of treatments for patients with myofascial pain. This entry was posted in Musculoskeletal Health and tagged cupping, headache, massage, myofascial release, needling, Pain, tension on 8 September, 2014 by Almulcahy.
Pain is likely to get worse until the activity is stopped, only to start again once activity resumes.
Then repeat 2-3 times per day or after exercise until the pain does not return. Once the initial inflammation has eased, the muscles around the ITB may require heat to ease tension. Before exercise and even before work, take some gentle exercise and stretching of the area.
Often patients don’t seek medical advice until the symptoms are quite advanced and their pain is severe and range of movement is quite limited. The second stage is the ‘frozen stage’ where the shoulder freezes and range of motion becomes limited.
Relaxation will also help you get more from your physical therapy session, reduce your stress levels, manage the pain naturally and improve sleep quality.
While this is fairly normal however, the location and severity of their pain has made me suspect that they may have spinal disc problems. Nerve pain in this region can refer down the back of the leg, known as sciatica, as it puts pressure on the sciatic nerve.
This will include nerve function, muscle strength and what pain you have on palpation and movement. Some of them might be obvious to you, in where they are and what they do but some may get forgotten about and neglected.

If you experience pain in the chest, pain on exertion, shortness of breath, dry cough or decreased breath sounds during auscultation up to half an hour after treatment, you should seek medical attention. Adequate warm up and stretching each time you exercise and modifying your training routine will help.
The employment of an occupation therapist can be useful to help you change the way you operate and keep you working without pain or further injury. On-going injury can lead to tendon damage, calcification and spur build up, or cartilage damage, for example, all of which will require surgery to rectify. Injections of cortisone or capsule injections in order to stretch the capsule may be advised but produce varied results and can cause further pain throughout the joint and supporting structures. When you are resting the shoulder, use heat such as a heat cream and heat bag on the shoulder to ease muscle tension in and around the shoulder joint. For example, crossing one foot over the other and with arms raised, bend sideways to create and arch of the entire body. Each disc in the spine can cause a pattern of radiating pain through the body and into the extremities.
You will also be asked a full medical history to help identify or rule out any other possible causes of your pain. In the last 10 to 15 years the microdiscectomy surgery has been modified to allow for a relatively small incision and less soft tissue dissection, which provide for significantly less postoperative discomfort and quicker healing. Most complain of the pain occurring at the beginning of exercise and then easing with use, only to return after stopping, even hours after. For example, right handed people are more likely to suffer shin splints in their right leg. Start some rehabilitation such as stretching and strethening exercises after you have rested.
The fascia is connected to everything and so releasing tension in one area can also help ease pain in other areas of the body.
Cupping fell out of favour in western regions the early 20th Century with the favour of chemical drugs but recently there has been a resurgence of interest with physical therapists using it for myofascial release. Patients on Warfarin, Plavix may not be able to have needling, all medications should be disclosed to the therapist before treatment. In addition, the amount of treatments will also depend on concurrent other medical conditions, your compliance with any at home treatment, your age and physical condition. Surgery should only be considered after three months of non-effective conservative treatments. A good relaxation massage may be a good idea to help rest and reduce the stress of your pain. It is very effective for musculoskeletal pain, headaches and migraines, sporting injuries, asthma, chronic cough and gastrointestinal disorders. An arthroscope is the usual method for diagnosis and treatment. Although it is only likely to reduce the term of the pain on average by a few weeks, compared to physical therapy. It is induced by overuse and exercise where the pressure in the muscles increase to extreme levels.
Those with cancer should seek advice from their practising physician before needling treatment. Epileptic patients also need special attention and strong stimulation is forbidden in treatment.

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