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Exercise for serratus anterior muscle, blackbeard series - Plans Download

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In order to get a truly shredded core, you have to be sure that your core workout includes exercises that will hit every muscle from every angle. From a nonathletic standpoint you can see that the serratus helps to actually frame out your abs, obliques and lower chest. The three exercises shown in this video, give you three options to work on developing your serratus so you can have a more impressive ripped midsection and core.
It's exercises like this that make your core and abs work much harder and much more completely.
For other workout videos, be sure to head over to our complete channel here on youtube for the latest in fitness and workout videos.
Add to EJ Playlist  Educational video describing the anatomy of the Serratus Anterior muscle.
Add to EJ Playlist  An often overlooked muscle to workout is the Serratus Anterior muscle. This muscle has many functions and having a strong Serratus Anterior promotes good posture and good shoulder health, as well as proper shoulder bio-mechanics. A great way to workout the Serratus muscle is by laying on your back holding a dumbbell in one hand over your head. Certain exercises are better than others if you've just started working on a new set of muscle groups.
Series Description: Regaining and improving your health through fitness involves equal parts diet and exercise.

Series Description: Stretching is a very important part of exercising efficiently and successfully for a few key reasons.
SAP block is done with the patient in the lateral position, injection in the post axillary line (where SA muscle is well formed) with needle directed posteriorly and cephalad. Later described by Blanco et al as an above the serratus injection in their volunteer study (They described both injection above and below the serratus, but the analgesia was prolonged in the above the serratus injection). Fajardo et al have described this block as the Serratus Interfascial plane block (Anterior and Lateral approaches).
Patients that display the "winging scapula" tend to suffer for a weak Serratus anterior muscle.
The Serratus anterior muscle is also important in postural control and strengthening it can assist patients with postural problems that tend to lead to neck and upper back pain.
Add to EJ Playlist  Having defined obliques & serratus all comes down to diet, cardio, and proper exercise. These are four of my favorite exercises to target the area and if done properly, you will see DEEP CUTS in no time!
Add to EJ Playlist  Learn how to control use your serratus anterior muscles to spread your shoulder blades.
To make controlling the serratus anterior easier, focus on feeling the inner borders of each shoulder blade.
In athletic bodies the muscle may be even visible to the naked eye along the ribs underneath the axilla.

Find out about exercises for the lower trapezius and the serratus anterior with help from a personal fitness trainer in this free video clip.
Stretch the serratus anterior with help from a personal fitness professional in this free video clip. Now with added upward rotation of the scapula.Muscle Highlight- Serratus Anterior - Extended Edition. In impingement syndrome patients, this muscle usually tend to be weak and therefore not performing their role in functional shoulder movement and stability.
In addition, prior to spreading the shoulder blades, give the serratus anterior a firm foundation from which to act on the shoulder blades by lifting and expanding the front of the ribcage. This 45-minute workout is the best way to expand the skeletal muscle that draws the rib cage backwards & downwards. Has been recently used for analgesia for fractured ribs as an alternative to paravertebral or thoracic epidural.

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