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Escalating density training, pictures of arnold schwarzenegger in predator - .

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So it is basically Interval Training, with rest periods in-between intervals, and it is designed to build both endurance and muscle strength at the same time. Doing Escalating Density Training is tough and takes discipline to complete the full fifteen minutes if that is your goal but once you get the hang of it, you will look forward to these workouts and tracking your progress! This might not be for you, but I would be surprised if you can't take something from it that will benefit you alongside other forms of training methodology.
You may only end up doing 2 - 5 intervals, so its not as long term as normal interval training, but your goal isn't to keep going until you are too exhausted to continue, your goal is to lift or do exercises for a specific amount of time and then each week you should be progressively stronger, faster and have a greater endurance.

Surely even if you "fail" you have actually won, because you can stand there and say " I gave that training theory my 100% and its not compatible with my individuality.
For me, training 20 years, and training some of the most highly demanding ( their expectation of what I can do for them)  clients on earth this training protocol is one of the most basic yet effective that I employ. The term Escalating Density Training was coined by personal trainer Charles Stanley and used it as a term in his fitness programs.
So while Charles Stanley may have coined the term, he certainly didn't invent the technique as a training method.

I have adapted the training protocol here and followed the lead of the British Elite forces and added a HIIT timed zone bang in the middle of two zones to really ignite the fat storage as fuel!

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