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PRINCETON, NJ -- As Americans are no doubt feeling a familiar post-Thanksgiving bulge in their waistlines, Gallup data reveal insights into how those who say they have ever lost weight made it happen. Beyond the conventional lifestyle changes required to lose weight, small percentages of Americans who have succeeded at losing weight cite using diet pills (4%) or having a gastric bypass (1%). Women are less likely than men to credit exercise with their past weight loss: 32% of women name some form of exercise as having been effective for them, compared with 41% of men. By grouping Americans' weight loss strategies into distinct categories of just diet, just exercise, or both, Gallup finds 32% of those who have succeeded at weight-loss credit diet-related approaches exclusively as most effective for them. The overall percentage of Americans trying to lose weight has hovered at or just under 30% for most of the past decade, but was generally lower prior to 2003. Nearly three-quarters of women (73%) have ever attempted weight loss, with an average of seven attempts.
Losing weight is something most Americans have attempted at some point in their lives, and most would currently like to weigh less than they do, even if less than half of them are seriously trying. Although Americans have been losing the weight battle over the past few decades, some have had success, at least temporarily. Americans who have succeeded at losing weight at some point in their lives -- representing 52% of all U.S.

Americans 55 years and older (25%) are also far less likely to name exercise as their weight-loss success strategy than those aged either 18 to 34 (44%) or 35 to 54 (40%). Nineteen percent mention only exercise in their responses, while 47% mention both dieting and exercise as important factors. Two-thirds say they have made a serious effort to lose weight at least once in their life, including 25% saying they tried once or twice, 30% trying between 3 and 10 times, and 8% trying more than 10 times.
By contrast, just over half of men (55%) have ever tried to lose weight, with the average trying fewer than four times. Demographic weighting targets are based on the March 2010 Current Population Survey figures for the aged 18 and older non-institutionalized population living in U.S.
This is such good form and it is helping with her weight you are looking for a weight loss coach or persona. Reach your health and fitness goals with the Coach's seamless weight loss tools, a pedometer, nutrition. Five percent of all Americans who have lost weight credit Weight Watchers with their success while 4% credit the Atkins diet or a similar low carbohydrate approach. However, exercising (31%) and eating less (23%), specifically, lead the individual responses.

Beyond these differences, men and women and adults of various age groups offer similar insights into what worked for them to lose weight in the past. Others have found success mainly through dieting, while relatively few succeeded strictly through exercise. All reported margins of sampling error include the computed design effects for weighting and sample design.
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