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When players arrive at the baseball field, one of their first actions is to begin some sort of stretching routine in order to prepare their bodies, mentally and physically, for the game or practice.
A recent study (November 2011) performed at the Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Management at Hunting University, tested the effects of dynamic and static warm-up for college baseball players. There have been many studies contradicting both dynamic and static warm-up, but overall there is more research supporting dynamic warm-up.
Most importantly, the dynamic warm-up will help to reduce the risk of injury among players through allowing muscles to be properly exercised and prepared prior to participation. This entry was posted in Injury Prevention, Sports Performance and tagged Baseball, Dynamic Warm Up, Flexibility, Static stretching, Strength training, Warming up.
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These baseball activity cards will be an invaluable resource for you planning your practices. You can upload your own recommended baseball drills here including a picture or diagram and a written description. These Free Baseball Practice Program Cards may be used free of charge and are proudly hosted on this website.
Baseball season is in full swing and every team’s success no matter the level depends upon consistent, quality pitching. Early specialization is a hot topic among youth sports and baseball has been one of the main culprits in the disappearance of the multi-sport athlete. Baseball Players, particularly pitchers, tend to be in a category of athletes that do not see the connection of increased strength and power with increased performance during gameplay. The overall attitude young baseball players have toward training may be swinging to the good side, though.
In-season training for a pitcher can be the determining factor for whether or not a team earns a post-season appearance. Two warm-up sequences that can be utilized in a team setting are a modified Parisi Warm-Up or a circuit like the one below. Due to the unilateral nature of the act of pitching a baseball, muscular imbalances are common for pitchers. It is especially important to continue to train with high intensity throughout the season for pitchers. When playing baseball, the demands and playing actions are centered around power, acceleration, explosiveness, and dynamic movement.

By definition, it involves putting players through a series of dynamic motions and drills requiring constant movement of chosen joints and muscles.  By implementing this style of warm-up, coaches are seeking to encourage increased flexibility in specific muscle groups, facilitate firing of muscle chains, and warm up the core body temperature of players. The results of the studied showed a significant advantage with dynamic warm-up over static warm-up when tested on vertical jump and long jump. Your young athletes will benefit greatly and will be better equipped for the rigors of playing a good baseball game. Each activity is designed to help young athletes improve their baseball skills and athletic literacy, making the game of baseball more enjoyable. Playing year round in addition to pitching lessons, hitting lessons, and personal training sessions creates a multitude of issues for a young athlete.
This may be due to the bequeathed attitudes from pitching coaches, private instructors, baseball coaches, and parents. This particular warm-up below would be initiated with a foot speed drill to increase neurological efficiency.
Reactive methods such as jumps, throws, and swings are outstanding methods for pitchers to develop explosive power with similar sequencing patterns as throwing. This is a great drill I learned from Lee Taft to reinforce proper mechanics in change of direction (COD) drills by teaching the athlete to redistribute force toward the target. In other words, pin presses, floor presses, board presses, presses with bands or chains are all excellent substitutes for traditional bench presses. Commitments should be equipment-based to alleviate logistical concerns and non-quantifiable load parameters to reduce the extra-tracking workloads for coaches. For the most part, pitchers will have better range-of-motion in external rotation and are generally stronger performing internal rotation.  There are two main reasons for this. Generally speaking, the muscle groups responsible for internal rotation are much larger and utilize more motor units. The ability to throw harder for more innings while staying physically and mentally recovered is a skill that should not diminish over the course of the season.
Players will take a soft jog around the baseball field then ultimately end up in a circle performing a series of stretches as a team. Preparing for competition through static stretching alone seems like an unusual and even inappropriate choice due to the inconsistency between the stretching technique and the dynamic requirements of the body during an inning of baseball. This style of warm-up requires players to perform more dynamic sport and position-specific tasks versus holding static stretches.  Finally, these types of stretches can lend to development of increased speed, power, and explosiveness. The findings indicated that the athletes could gain nearly 2 inches in their jump distances, just from switching from dynamic to static stretching!

Absolutely not, static stretching has its place for enhancing motion and improving flexibility when it is needed. Subsequently, pitchers staying healthy may be the single most important factor for a team’s success.
But even at this level, there are factors that have often kept baseball players out of the gym until they arrive at their institutions in the fall.
They train harder and come back with different training methods."  Alvarez, who is the coordinator of sports performance for the Pittsburgh Pirates has seen a change in the overall disposition of training with the variety of players he sees. Creating a template that allows flexibility for the coach to input a different exercise within each movement category is optimal. Strength and conditioning coaches still need to identify muscle groups more susceptible to injury and formulate corrective strategies to reduce the probability of those injuries happening, though.
The potential to throw with more velocity happens when a pitcher is able to acquire more strength development and still be able to throw a baseball with efficient mechanics. The more force that is applied to the rubber, the more force that will generated at the release of the baseball. This is not to say that pressing movements are not important for pitchers, but must be secondary to pulling movements. As a general rule, pitcher should strength train within 24-48 hours after they pitch to not inhibit readiness for their next appearance. Commitments are a great way to incorporate additional work to address muscular imbalances, designate additional technique work, or simply allot additional time for athletes to take ownership in the workout.
The typical “static” stretches, historically performed, use the concept of holding a slow and controlled stretch at a designated point of muscle tension for 20-30 seconds at a given time for several repetitions. If done consistency, the exercises allow for added range of motion within the important muscles used in game situations. The musculature in the upper back is responsible for the deceleration of the throwing motion.
Baseball players are starting to understand the connection between physical development and performance on the field.

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