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Dynamic stretching routine, weight loss drinks for diabetics - Review

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However, in recent years there has been much debate surrounding static versus dynamic stretching and which is more effective in preventing injuries during sports. Static stretching should remain an important part of your training routine as it is still one of the best ways to gain mobility and maintain flexibility. Whether you are a runner, cyclist or team sport enthusiast, a proper warm-up routine is essential to performance and injury reduction. Dynamic stretching emphasizes moving your muscles through full, exaggerated motions that mimic the motions of the exercise you are preparing to do.

Dynamic stretching increases core and muscle temperature, providing short-term gains in flexibility, while lubricating the joints and stimulating the nervous system to ultimately decrease the risk of injury (again, an example or visual would be great). The best routine to follow to avoid injury is completing dynamic stretching prior to your activity as part of your warm-up and then following-up your exercise with static stretching to cool down and maintain flexibility. This type of stretching elongates the muscle and increases both flexibility and range of motion. In general, static stretching helps to reduce injury by maximizing flexibility and improving mechanics and range of motion.

However, recent research suggests that static stretching prior to activity may be detrimental to performance and doesn’t necessarily reduce injury rates during exercise. Research shows that static stretching seems to decrease muscle strength and power, possibly impairing muscle elasticity and their ability to return stored energy.

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