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In an earlier era of exercise science, the process of stretching and the process of warming up were considered two different activities with two different goals and stages of execution. In this video, Trevor Theismann of Kbands Training takes athletes through a series of eight excellent examples of dynamic stretches. This next move in the dynamic stretch series involves a combination of the toy soldier and the RDL. During the dynamic quad stretch, players will once again walk forward down the court as they complete the move.
The final move in the dynamic stretch series involves two resisted reps, or two trips down the court and back with the Kbands in place. At this point in the series, players should feel warmed up, limber, stretched, and ready to move forward with a set of targeted, basketball drills. The dynamic stretching routine is active and usually imitates the movements that will be done during your workout. The full body movements performed in the dynamic routine increases your heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood flow. It’s so important to know how to effectively warm-up with dynamic stretching before you start exercising. This website is for informational purposes only and is in no way intended as medical counseling or medical advice.

While a stretching and gentle pulling motion straightens and aligns the muscle fibers and extends the ligaments, active motion simultaneously increases circulation. Athletes will execute this move by walking forward using an exaggerated, high, straight-leg kick. Neither Kbands Training or anyone associated with Kbands Training will be responsible for any injuries sustained while using our products. If you know how to effectively warm-up with dynamic stretching, you’re putting yourself in the best position to have a great workout and stay injury free.
Elevated circulation improves oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles, and during a dynamic stretch, athletes open circulation and improve flexibility at the same time.
At each step, the first foot will plant on the ground and the back foot will rise into the air, forming a 90 degree angle with the athlete’s body line. Instead, the right leg swings behind the body and the athlete leans forward and briefly supports his weight by touching the floor with both hands. Basketball players can watch the video to note how the player keeps his back and torso perpendicular to the floor as he completes the twist. To ensure resistance training is right for you, we recommended consulting a physician or professional before starting any workout routine or weight loss program. For example if you are doing a workout that involves legs and shoulders, you want to concentrate on those muscle groups.

The arms will be held straight forward, and the kicking foot should rise to meet the extended hands. Slower forward motion and faster dynamic energy invested in each step will mean increased circulation in the hip flexors, quads, and core.
After completing the motion and feeling the tension in the quad, the athlete will drop the foot, move forward, and repeat the move on the other side. Because there have been multiple studies that show this type of warm-up and stretching better prepares the muscles to be explosive during workouts and competition. Many of you may be thinking that you are not a college or professional athlete, so you don’t need to worry about doing a dynamic warm-up.
The fact is, if it’s good enough to benefit some of the fittest athletes at universities and professional clubs around the world, then there is no reason the benefits of dynamic stretching could not be shared by everyone. The progressive dynamic stretch routine gradually lets your heart know that needs to start picking up the pace.

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