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Dwayne johnson height, shoulder pain heart - .

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Dwayne then tried his luck at wrestling, his stature and natural charisma made him an instant fan favorite. Celebrity Height is a website dedicated to finding out just how tall our favorite celebrities are.
Johnson guest appeared in American television period sitcom, That ’70s Show for his role as Rocky Johnson in the episode no.
Dwayne also donated $1 million to the University of Miami so that they can improve their football facilities.
Dwayne’s cousin Tanoai Reed has served as a stunt double for Johnson in many of his movies. Actually I wanna WWE wrestler I Giving my training my self my height 6ft 1 inch I wanna wwe champion my first dearm I professional wrestler. Height183, yea Cena claims 6'0 but has also said 6'1 as well that's why I thought maybe he may lie in between but seems 6'0 flat is more fair. Google 'barkley and the rock' and then 'the rock hugh jackman.,According to this site there's a 4cm difference between Jackman and Dwayne.
Miko, I'm sorry but I can tell you that these pictures or picture evidence will be ignore by those people like the Height183 guy. Reigns might be closer to 6'2 flat but Rock had easy height on him throughout the show and backstage.
These pictures are from HBO show "Ballers" and Dwayne stands face to face to 6'5.5" (197cm) Omar Benson Miller.
Height183, yea either way Rock was never over 6'2.5 and never looked over it with legit 6'4 guys like Orton. The most noticeable thing there is that Johnson actually looks lean and lanky in comparison to Cutler!
His 6'5" claims are probably from him rounding up his height in Adidas shoes which make him 6'4.5".
I saw where Merriman was measured at 6'2, and that poster is right hes the same height as 6'2 Matt Kemp.

Remember Rock looked the same height basically as 6'0 Kenny Anderson both with perfect posture. Yes, and Kim Kold is only 6'2", Paul Walker was only 6'0", Brendan Fraser (same height as the Rock) is 6'0" as well, etc.
Shrek, you and you're fellow Rock downgraders ignore all the proofs, picture evidences for that Johnson is taller than the laughable 6'0". That Clint Eastwood picture is one of the most awful pictures I've ever seen to compare height.
The facts are the Rock is not 6'5 (196cm), not 6'4 (193cm) but the opposite is out of question as well (in this case Dwayne would be 5'11-6'1). I saw last weekend the pilot from "Ballers", a new HBO show starring Dwayne Johnson and here is the Rock and Garity face to face. After reading rampages comments again i do agree Lillo Thomas that he is exzaggerating the rocks current height. Rampages comments on the rocks height are not outrageous and rob would agree with me on that as well. It is quite funny that people here have made up their mind and decided that Dwayne Johnson was never 6 foot 3 or even 6 foot 2.75 inches for that matter. Here is a picture of Dwayne with Arnold Vosloo from the sets of Mummy Returns (2001) - He is clearly taller than the 6 foot 2 inch actor. There are a couple of pics on the net next to the late Paul Walker who's around 6'2" and Johnson is a little taller.
The American actor and semi-retired professional wrestler, Dwayne Johnson was born on May 2, 1972.
Given here are complete details about Dwayne Douglas Johnson family tree including his father, mother, siblings, wife and children names as well as pictures. At the time i believed 6'5 for Dwayne but Hogan returned and was claiming 6'4 while he was clearly taller.
I know Johnson's not standing his best but I think there's a good case for 6'2.75" listing for him.

I have googled for photos of Dwayne Johnson and found that he is taller than most actors who have been listed as legit 6 foot 2 inch guys.
After failing to gain major success in his football career, he decided to become a professional wrestler, following the footsteps of his grandfather Peter Maivia and father Rocky Johnson. So, this means Dwayne is 6'4", Strahan has celebs on his show evert day and always looks and is every bit 6'5".
Please, the "6'2.5"-guys" who repeat sleepless that Johnson is only 189cm at best, don't find it hard to relate to others opinion. Hard to reconcile how he looks barely over an inch shorter than Vince Vaughn on screen in Be Cool but looks so much shorter (seems like 2-3 inches) than Barkley, who in theory is similar height to Vaughn. Dwayne started his wrestling career as Rocky Maivia but later gained mainstream fame as “The Rock” in the World Wrestling Federation. Before getting into the ring Dwayne played college football a the University of Miami where he had great success until he was sidelined by a back injury that ended up costing him a spot in the NFL and ending his football career. With numerous title victories and defeating many top wrestlers in WWF, Dwayne Johnson has earned the reputation of being one of the greatest professional wrestlers of all time. He stood the exact same height as Conan O'Brian who is over 6'4", and that was on level floor with the same shoes and same posture. Johnson first gained success in his acting career in 2001 through his role in The Mummy Returns which was followed by his first lead role in 2002 hit The Scorpion King. Since then, Dwayne Johnson has gone on to star in several more movies including Doom, The Game Plan, Race to Witch Mountain, The Other Guys, Faster, Fast Five, Snitch, G.I.
Dwayne was married to Dany Gracia from 1997 to 2007 and the couple has one daughter together.

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