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Johnson's strict diet includes seven, high-protein meals a day consisting of three pounds of meat and a cup a day of lion blood.
In addition to his jaw-dropping diet plan, The Rock also tweeted shirtless photos of himself working out at the gym, lifting weights and doing lunges. The imposing 6-foot-5 Johnson said daily workouts have fueled his success as a professional athlete and as an action hero. But workout out is only one half of the fitness equation, and last year The Rock posted his Hercules diet to his Twitter account.Including seven meals a day, his eating plan clears over 4000 calories and nets him around 430 grams of protein a day.

Judging by his rippling physique, it's obvious the former pro wrestler makes diet and exercise a top priority.
USA TODAY reporter Bryan Alexander labors through Dwayne Jonson's 'The Hercules Diet' in one sitting.
But the Fast And The Furious star said he never drinks too much.'The last time I got drunk was in college, it takes a lot to get me drunk!' The Rock's Hercules Eating Plan - SEVEN Meals a Day! You're looking kind of…"These are not the words you ever expect, or really want, to hear coming from Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Class act.It's not every day that you agree to tackle the entire seven-meals-daily "Hercules diet" in one sitting.

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