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Dvd exercise, 30 minute pilates video - For Begninners

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Good news for hard bodies and homebodies alike: With the fitness DVD industry growing by about 11 percent a year, there have never been more ways to work out in your living room. The Queen of Lean and former Biggest Loser trainer delivers a blend of fast-paced kicks, jabs, and dumbbell exercises. Valerie Bertinelli Exercise DVD – The Valerie Bertinelli exercise DVD will help you lose weight and keep fit with two workouts- one to get in shape and then an intermediate one for keeping fit.

Valerie Bertinelli Exercise DVD was produced with Valerie and celebrity trainer Christopher Ross Lane, working together to help you reach and maintain you shape and fitness goals. As always, follow Hookuptohollywood, as we get in shape and lose weight with Valerie Bertinelli Exercise DVD. You can order Valerie’s exercise DVD online at a number of sites such as Gaiam, Barnes and Noble, ect.

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