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Dumbbell snatch, symptoms of torn rotator cuff videos - How to DIY

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Working in the final heat, Schrader cruised through his four sets of 10 one-arm 100 pound dumbbell snatches and sprints. Schrader’s plan going into the event was to go at about 90 percent effort for the first round of dumbbell snatches and secure a lead going into the first sprint. The most notable athlete in Heat 2 was Aimee Lyons, owner of CrossFit King of Prussia, despite only getting three reps on the snatches. Across the board, athletes who competed in this team event are taking the rest of the day off to prepare for tomorrow’s snatch ladder event where all six team members will compete. The single arm dumbbell snatch is derived from the olympic snatch which requires a barbell. Stand tall and place a dumbbell between your feet in front of you so the handle is perpendicular to your feet.
Keeping your back flat, hinge at the hips and bend your knees until you can reach the dumbbell handle.

As the dumbbell passes your face level, extend and “punch” your arm upward to lock the weight out overhead. Lower the dumbbell with control to the floor, and repeat for the desired number of repetitions before switching sides. Standing with your feet hip-width apart, grasp one dumbbell so it hangs straight down in front of you. As the dumbbell becomes “weightless” in the air, quickly rotate the elbows underneath so you “catch” the dumbbell in the front rack position at shoulder height.
Keeping your back fl at, bend at the hips and knees until you're in a quarter-squat position—let the hand with the dumbbell hang [1].
The first time he practiced the dumbbell snatches and sprints on his own, he didn’t finish in the 10 minutes allotted for the event.
Then, out of nowhere, 2009 Games champion Tanya Wagner sprinted out ahead after the second set of snatches.

That will make the catch a lot harder, and it will also prevent you from snatching heavier weights.
Remember to shrug your shoulders as high as you can to move the dumbbell upward, and jump with your legs to generate hip power.
Of course, there are plenty of nuances that vary depending on what sort of implement you’re using, but the aggressive hip extension remains the same, whether you’re using a barbell, kettlebell or dumbbell. Let the momentum generated in your hips be the force that moves the dumbbell most of the way upward.

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