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Dumbbell row, lose weight without exercise - Plans Download

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Row variations, aside from pull-ups, are the most crucial movements to developing your back. The problem with barbell rows is that they require an enormous amount of neural drive and strength to maintain proper posture.
This is not to say that barbell rows are not a good exercise or that loading the posterior chain is bad. It doesn't matter whether you're a seasoned body builder or a complete beginner, the single arm dumbbell row is popular because it works.
Therefore, what this tip does is to add a little more range to the single arm dumbbell row. As you can see, at the bottom part of the movement, the dumbbell is actually twisted inward a bit. Dumbbell rows are a great way to target the lat muscles and doing them one arm at a time, as in the one arm row, allows you to lift heavier weights and focus more on the lats as well as the biceps (which also work during this exercise).

Try to avoid any spinal movement, any hip rotation, lifting the dumbbell in a straight line or allowing your elbow to migrate away from the side of your torso during any part of the movement. While both are very effective, I will not usually prescribe bent over barbell rows in any of my training programs.
To perform proper bent over rows, you have to fire your entire posterior chain, which can not only be mentally distracting, but it detracts from the strength and intensity of the lift. Brace yourself against a high bench or dumbbell rack to give yourself support while also maintaining a neutral spine. If done properly, the single arm dumbbell row really make a huge difference in your back routine. Now, when most people do the single arm dumbbell row, the motion is pretty much an up and down motion. The next time you visit the gym and have to do the single arm dumbbell row, I want you to try something a little different.

Rowing a heavy dumbbell braced against the dumbbell rack or high bench,for example, will allow you to easily maintain postural integrity and get the most out of each and every rep for your back. Once you pick up the dumbbell, row it up to your torso but when you lower the weight back to the starting position, simply twist it inward a bit.
Once you twist the dumbbell for a slight turn, twist back to the original starting position and pull upward again. Reverse the movement, but do not take tension off the musculature or let the dumbbell touch the ground.

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