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Dumbbell military press palms in, 15 min abs fat loss workout how to get a 6 six pack fast big brandon carter - Plans Download

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It seems to me a bit more natural for my shoulders if I change the usual grip (open grip with palms out) and do a natural grip in my shoulder press. If you are trying to help build the strength to put more weight over your head, the palms facing approach will be the best bet.

As a power lifter, I prefer the neutral grip option for just about all my dumbbell pressing needs.
Join Date Mar 2006 Posts 329 acutally im not quite sure about that question, I dont believe it would be a huge difference, i do think palms facing towards each other, like the bottom picture , will put more strain on the front delt, while the first picture, (which is the way i do it) spreads out the force of the weight through the whole shoulder (front delt, side, and a bit on the rear delt) excuse the run on sentence, Feb.

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