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Dumbbell deadlift alternative, what does post workout mean - Reviews

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We’ve assembled four exercises that are variations of the basic deadlift that all have the essential elements of the dead but with striking differences. The obvious place to start when talking about great alternatives to the barbell deadlift is with dumbbells, or more precisely, just one. The single-arm deadlift has its advantages, because with few exceptions, you can produce more force on each side of the body than you can produce when using both sides together.
Whereas the first two moves on the list are almost completely different deadlifts, the rack pull is indeed a very close match, but just less of one.
If you don’t have the hip and ankle flexibility or the lower-back strength to complete the full range of motion necessary for the deadlift, the rack pull helps train for it. This last entry was the subject of much debate, mainly because the romanian-style deadlift has one very apparent difference compared to all the other variations including the conventional deadlift. The romanian deadlift, as opposed to all other variations discussed, doesn’t begin with a positive (concentric) contraction nor does it begin from a dead stop.

Because the deadlift is a full-body move, being as much of a press as it is a pull, you can insert these variations into a mixed routine that hits different bodyparts on the same day. First the romanian deadlift, with your knees slightly bent and back arched, zeroes in on the upper hamstrings, where the hams meet the glutes.
And while the next point isn’t sexy, the single-arm deadlift will stress the core musculature beyond belief, making you stronger for the conventional deadlift, not to mention all other exercises in your weekly routine. Squat down to grasp the dumbbell with a neutral grip, keeping your back flat, chest up and eyes focused on the floor a few feet in front of you. Reverse the motion along the same path, allowing the dumbbell to settle on the floor before starting the next rep.
Such intensity techniques (doing partials after full-range reps) can take your conventional deadlift to the next level. Much like the conventional deadlift, your arms remain as straight as possible throughout the move.

For beginners or those coming off a layoff or injury, the partial rep of the rack pull calls into play all of the major muscles of the standard deadlift, and immediately the neuromuscular system begins to strengthen and support the mental desire to pull heavy weights off the floor.
And similar to the traditional deadlift, you want to keep the bar extremely close to your body for mechanical advantage and safety. So whether as a stepping stone to the floor deadlift or as a standalone move in your routine to increase intensity, the rack pull can be invaluable.

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