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Dumbbell bicep curls sets, what are deadlifts and squats - How to DIY

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I'd like to find a good set of dumbbell exercises for a "complete" upper arm workout - working out the biceps, triceps, and brachialis* muscles fairly evenly. I would add that there is a great arm-building exercise which requires neither barbells nor dumbbells: the chin-up.
Walk into any gym, and the first thing you’ll see is dozens of individuals (99% men) doing hundreds of curls over and over again.
Also be sure to check out my other arm workout here which targets the arms from multiple angles and involves biceps and triceps exercises.
You can add weight on a belt if you need, but even bodyweight-only will build some pretty decent biceps.

Universally, every guy will attempt to grow their biceps first and foremost and will devote far more energy and time into building their arms than any other muscle group. More specifically men, want to build their biceps faster so they can fill their T-shirts and look powerful and strong.
There are no easy shortcuts, but I’m here to provide you with a workout that will lessen the time required to grow your biceps faster.
For some guys, arms are the easiest muscle to build and for others, there are so many hurdles to cross before you can see your biceps grow faster.
I’m here to show you how with this biceps circuit that will have your biceps growing faster in no time.

There is no need to do this anymore than thatand you’ll grow your biceps faster and bigger than ever before! Without dumbbells, your smaller stabilizer muscles will be weak and you'll be more susceptible to injury.

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