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Dumbbell back exercises scooby, abdominal machine - Review

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Before covering how to do each individual exercise, lets start out with a complete lat workout for advanced bodybuilders. For home workouts, pullups are the #1 most important exercise for lats and there is no substitute!
Grab the dumbbell and squeeze it between your thighs, you might need to put some 2.5 pound plates on the inside of the dumbbells to make the gap between the 10lb plates wider so its easier to grip with big thighs.
At the end of the set, swing slightly to get back on top of the stepstool and slowly reduce pressure on the dumbell so it very slowly and gently sides down between your legs till its between your feet on the stepstool. Pull-ups alone make a fantastic lat workout and give you a wide back.  When you are an advanced bodybuilder searching for more exercises for your lats, the pullover is a great one!
This is one of my favorite rowing type lat exercises but it does require an adjustable bench. I know you want big biceps, but please don’t overlook the fact that if you want big arms, then triceps exercises are even more important than biceps exercises because the triceps is a larger muscle and it responds better to training for most people.
You can make your own arm workout by mixing and matching the above exercises, but unless you are really advanced, it’s better to use one of my existing home workout plans that puts these biceps exercises into a well rounded workout plan for you. Another excellent biceps exercise if you have dumbbells.  Form is key on this, most folks at the gym use terrible form.

There are two types of lat exercises, those where you pull perpendicular to your body (like in rows) and those where you pull in line with your body (like pullups).
If you have a dumbbell set also, you can do dumbbell rows as a good complimentary exercise.
Although this is a great exercise for gently strengthening the spine extensors, skip this exercise if you have a history of lower back problems. The king of the lat exercises is the pullup and it can give you that wide cobra-like flare faster than any other exercise. The key on this exercise is to keep the entire body stationary except for the arm which moves up slowly.
Shoulders are down and back like you are pinching a tennis ball between your shoulder blades. The range of motion on this exercise is rather limited but it still is a killer workout for the lats. Complete beginners shouldn’t even be doing curls, they should be doing exercises like pullups in a good beginners workout.
If I could only do two exercises, I would choose pushups and pullups – they are that important.

As with all rowing type exercises for lats, you pull the weight up toward the hip, not the shoulder. Please don’t waste money on new weights, you can get dumbbells used for pennies on the dollar from craigslist.
The shoulders remain stationary during this exercise, dont let the hanging weight drag them down. Your muscles don’t know if they are lifting used, rusty, dumbbells or new, expensive, shiny, chrome ones!
Pull-ups are actually a very difficult exercise to do as it is very difficult to lift your entire weight unless you are very strong and lean. If your hamstrings are not flexible enough to bend over and make your back horizontal, then go as far as you comfortable can or bend you knees slightly.
This is an exercise predominately for your lats but it does work rear delts, tris, and a bit of pecs too.

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