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Ivan Drago is a Russian boxer, olympist, an Infantry Captain for the Soviet Army, and was the main antagonist in Rocky IV.
Ivan Drago's history is clearly seen in Rocky Legends, if the player chooses the path of Drago.
After having watched a television broadcast about 24 year old Drago and the USSR wanting to challenge Balboa for the title, Apollo Creed, 42 years old now, came out of retirement after five years to challenge him to an exhibition match, and was promoted by Rocky Balboa. According to Rocky: The Ultimate Guide, Ivan Drago wasn't permitted to resume his boxing career after his loss to Rocky Balboa because of the special circumstance that he could not officially turn pro in the USSR. Ivan Drago's history is clearly seen in Rocky Legends if the player chooses the path of Drago. On the eve of The Expendables, we salute the first on-screen meeting of Sylvester Stallone and Dolph Lundgren.
The plot of the film is all but incidental, save for the whole thing is an excuse to pit Rocky against a seemingly eight foot robot from Russia, which is where the mighty Dolphster comes in.
Trained with the aid of technology that'd give Clive Sinclair the shivers, it's established early on that Lundgren's Ivan Drago can hit harder than anyone in the world. Clearly feeling the need to pad out the journey to the ultimate East vs West showdown, Stallone, the writer (for he penned and directed the film too, of course), bumps off Carl Weathers' Apollo Creed in an exhibition bout (not before James Brown has come along and sung Living In America, one of many memorable songs that contributed to the best selling soundtrack to the film), but uses this, too, to give Lundgren's Ivan Drago one of his few lines in the film. Brilliantly, then, in a script full of logical narrative choices, Rocky agrees to the bout. Naturally, all of Russia hates Rocky, and naturally, the KGB trail him while he goes through the obligatory training regime.

And then comes the genius of Rocky IV, the masterstroke that defines the film and guaranteed the film its spot in this book. On the one hand, you can't help but love it, because the two actors are clearly smacking the shit out of each other for real (one Lundgren punch sent Stallone scurrying off to hospital, while also in the midst of the production, Carl Weathers had to be persuaded not to quit after Dolph reportedly smacked him unconscious).
Yup, the whole of Russia - who would have feasted on his corpse not ten minutes earlier - seem to be chanting Rocky's name.
The beauty of Rocky IV, of course (which is the most commercially successful film in the entire saga), is that plausibility is chucked out the window so early on that you've no choice but to enjoy it all. Played with Terminator-like ice by Lundgren, the first four-fifths of the film build him up as an undefeatable Colossus, only to practically have him crying like a baby after a few good rounds with Balboa. Of course, the Rocky franchise took a half-decade hiatus after Rocky IV, with the fifth film turning up in 1990 to universal derision, and rightly so. Because Rocky IV is, we contend, one of the most downright fun blockbuster sequels that Hollywood has ever produced. To discover million image quotes, simply type your search terms into our powerful search box or browse our topics and the authors pages. They flew to America, convinced that they would win against Rocky Balboa and any other American boxer.
Drago also is remembered for saying "I must break you" to Rocky Balboa immediately before the match begins. Wall Street, perhaps, can build a case, but the gleefully enjoyable third sequel to Best Picture Oscar winner Rocky is, for many, the absolute highlight of the franchise, and as representative a film of the 80s as you're ever likely to find. It also means that, surely, Rocky is facing his toughest opponent ever, replete with undertones of serious steroid abuse on behalf of the Russia.

For we're talking about the part where the hostile Russian crowd suddenly, and for no apparent reason aside from the fact that Rocky's landed a few punches on Drago, turns in Balboa's favour.
Topics include motivational quotes, life quotes, love quotes, wisdom quotes, proverbs quotes, famous quotes, breakup quotes, random quotes, and more. Although he was able to easily defeat and kill Rocky Balboa's friend and later trainer, Apollo Creed, he marginally lost to Rocky Balboa. Blockbuster entertainment in the 80s was no more flag-waving, no more vacuous and no more fun than the film where Sylvester Stallone's slurring boxer meets Dolph Lundgren's machine of an opponent. It did try and inject some realism, to be fair, by noting the Drago fight had left Rocky with the potential of brain damage, but that was as much as it managed.
Plus he found the perfect foil in Dolph Lundgren, putting together a wonderfully implausible boxing match in the process. I could easily have proclaimed many others of Dolph Lundgren's movies, from Masters Of The Universe and The Punisher, through to Showdown In Little Tokyo and Universal Soldier. That, ladies and gentlemen, is Rocky IV, a film as beloved to me as The Goonies and Back To The Future, all of which will be playing on loop in my dream 80s cinema that I've yet to buy. He also met Serial mom whom the criminals used to fool Drago, but to no avail, and he, in disgust, killed her and the baby was a doll filled with blood which did not fool Drago at all. However, by the fifth round, Rocky landed a blow that left the Siberian Express with a cut under his left eye, astonishing the crowd.

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