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Dog shoulder pain treatment, exercise dvd for seniors - Test Out

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Musket is a 2 year old, active large breed male dog who presented to SVS with an 8 month history of left forelimb lameness.
Tendonopathies of the shoulder have been demonstrated to be non-inflammatory, progressive, degenerative processes.
ESWT and laser have been used to treat soft tissue injuries in dogs for several years with very good clinical results. After being diagnosed with a shoulder tendinopathy, Musket began therapy with ESWT every 3 weeks for a total of 3 treatments.
If your dog has a forelimb lameness that has been diagnosed by your veterinarian as likely being related to the shoulder and fulfills the following requirements, please contact the SVS surgery team to schedule an appointment to discuss your pet's eligibility for the study. All costs of treatments with either laser or ESWT are covered by the study, however all other in-hospital costs and diagnostics (consultations, ultrasounds, MRI, bloodwork etc) are paid for by the pet owner. Traditional treatments for this condition in dogs have been either medical, using rest and anti-inflammatories or steroids, or surgery in refractory cases.

However, no studies in veterinary medicine have compared these two treatments as non-surgical options for shoulder tendon injuries. Kirkby, Preston and Mison have started a study investigating and comparing the effects of ESWT and laser in combination with rehabilitation on canine shoulder tendinopathies. An ultrasound and MRI of the shoulders and neck were ordered to see if the problem was associated with his tendons in his shoulder or potentially a nerve being compressed in his neck. The MRI did not show any nerve compression or abnormalities, so the scan was continued to his shoulders which better defined the left shoulder tendon abnormalities. After the third treatment, Musket's owner was taught new rehabilitation exercises and his activity level was increased, though he was still not allowed uncontrolled off leash play time.
Surgical treatments are based on either cutting the tendon (tenotomy), removing part or all of the diseased tendon (tenectomy), or sometimes cutting it from its origin and replacing it further down the arm (tenodesis of the biceps). Six months after the first ESWT treatment, Musket is back to himself and enjoying life, pain free and without the need for surgery.

Radiographs (X-rays) of Musket's shoulders did not reveal any problems with his bones or joints, so that left a soft tissue or neurological lesion as a possible cause of his pain. Ultrasound is capable of looking only at the tendons in the shoulder, whereas MRI is needed to examine the spinal cord, nerves and muscles. One study has shown that ESWT outcomes were as good as arthroscopic surgical treatment outcomes in humans.

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