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Do girls like muscles, how to lose fat fast for men - Try Out

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I don't like the idea of showing off the muscles (unless in gymwear), I generally find guys more attractive in T-shirts, if they're muscular it would show regardless. If you asked any guy if girls prefer muscly guys over skinny guys, the unanimous opinion would be a yes they do. So guys answer the question do girls like muscles with a yes but we could be wrong so what we need is a females perspective. I would like to introduce you to Katie Ladrido a Twitter follower of StrengthandFitnessTips, who I am very thankful for answering these questions. Aesthetics always vary per individual, and in my opinion, there is such a thing as way too much muscles.

This reasoning could be because it’s very rare to see a guy poster model being skinny, he will more likely have a good degree of muscle and definition. I’m a sucker for guys with amazing abs — I don’t think you can overdo this However, I am very particular about muscle proportions. I certainly appreciate exceptionally toned fitness models and their clean look, but like my sister and I have disagreed, I’m not a big fan of pretty boys. And you can quote one of my previous tweets on this one, but I like “scruffy muscle-y men who look like they still smell clean”.
In my opinion though, when someone I care about is at the gym, they’re taking care of themselves and working hard to be fit, which I like.

He should definitely have long, strong arms, but also, leg muscles to do more squats than me!

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