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Dipsea trail, anderson silva knockout vitor belfort - How to DIY

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The trail will take you down short switchbacks into a forested ravine and then will generally follow the contour line. Along this segment the forest opens up a bit; there will be switchbacks and trails maintained to a higher level above. As the walk progresses the trails will head into Redwood Forest, and drop - really drop - down into the heart of Steep Ravine.
The trail criss-crosses the creek repeatedly looking for space for itself, regularly climbs more steps, and a short ladder next to a waterfall in the quest to gain altitude. This segment of the trail will generally follow the contour and below a flat topped ridge between valleys.

The trail will immediately begin rounding the hillside, nose drop you into a Bay and Redwood forested valley. The trail will follow up the canyon just above the stream, crossing frequently in a quest to actually find a place to put it.
I parked at the Pan Toll Ranger station and walked along the Dipsea Trail a bit, beautiful views. For the most part, the trail is through exposed grasslands but dips into forested sections.
Generally the trail is in mixed chaparral and grasslands with occasional dips into forested areas.

Then I took Steep Ravine Trail down to the "ladder" and a bit beyond that, then turned and went back to the Ranger station.
Another hiker I passed on the way told me that you can take the trail all the way to Stinson Beach and there is a bus that will take you back to Pan Toll Ranger Station, or you can hike the Matt Davis Trail back.

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