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Dips exercise substitute, ab king pro platinum - How to DIY

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Dips are about as close as it comes to the perfect triceps exercise -- they're a functional and challenging workout for your triceps, pecs and shoulders, yet require very little in terms of equipment. Bench DipsIf you're not quite up to doing full dips or don't have the right equipment, consider doing bench dips instead, as they work the same muscles.
Other Triceps ExercisesIf you're not fond of dips and bench dips, other suitable substitutes include triceps pushdowns on a cable machine, overhead triceps extensions with a dumbbell, barbell or cable, and the French press. Another Option: PressesYour triceps also get a workout during any pressing exercises that involve your chest. Making Dips WorkIf none of these alternative exercises appeal to you, you might still be able to make full dips work.
Dips should pretty much be a staple of any training program: they are a functional, compound exercise which translates to a wide range of movements, both in everyday life and in a variety of sports. However, dip bars can be hard to find outside of a gym, and thus you might have to improvise to make dips an integral part of your home workout routine.

Luckily, there are a few dip variations and ways of performing this exercise with household furniture which will allow you to perfect the movement.
Pull ups, chin ups, and all their variations should be one of the core exercises of any good training program.
Dips provide an excellent upper body workout, and you should make them a staple of your training program. Make sure to also check this dip progression for ways to build up to the exercise, and to keep improving. Parallel bar dips can also be performed between two tables, or two flat surfaces of the same height.
You can get around both of these issues -- and any equipment problems -- by replacing dips with other triceps exercises. However, your triceps don't get as focused or intense of a workout with these exercises because other major muscles contribute powerfully to the movements.

Double-check with a fitness or medical professional if you're not sure which exercises are safe for you to do. No matter where you're doing your dips, you can always ask a workout buddy or trainer for an assist to help you crank through the final few reps. There are a few dip variations which will allow you to gradually increase the difficulty of the exercise. Finally, if your gym has an assisted dip and pullup machine, you can use its counterweight to make full dips easier; reduce the counterweight as you get stronger.

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