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Dip workout variations, fast abs workout for women - Test Out

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Jumping dips with negatives: Grasp the dip bars, with your feet on the floor (or on the dip station platform). Bench dips: Position your body perpendicular to a bench, with your palms on the edge of the bench and elbows extended, supporting your body.
Dip to leg raise: Perform a conventional dip, but bring your legs up at the top of the motion. Gironda dips: Grasp the dip bar handles with a wide grip (this is best if done on v-bar dip station).
Planche dips: This dip variation is best done on parallel bars, to ensure you have enough room to bring your body to horizontal. One arm dips: Get on a pull up bar, and hoist yourself up, such that your torso is above the bar and both arms are extended. If at all possible, do band-assisted dips (#1) – they’ll provide the most rapid strength gains.

No worries, I’ve got you covered with a bunch of dip variations for more experienced lifters. Personally, I stick mostly to weighted dips (#5), and occasionally I’ll do weighted bench dips (#7), since these are generally best for maximizing muscle gains.
The difference is that, on Bulgarian dips, you rotate your wrist as you go back and forth between the top and the bottom of the motion. Start out like you’re about to do a bodyweight bench dip but raise your feet onto the second bench (or box).
Then dip down, back and under the bar in a crescent-like motion, keeping your legs extended. You will have to lean your torso forward and flare your elbow out to the side, in order to balance as you dip down. This makes the upper body muscles work harder, while also adding an intense abs workout into the mix.

Pull yourself forward into the bottom position of a regular dip (forearms vertical, elbows at 90°). This dip variation makes the movement easier at the bottom, with minimal assistance at the top. As shown in the image below, you can move your legs and your other arm to help you balance as dip up and down. Tip: Use weaker bands as you become stronger to smoothly transition to full body weight dips. A good progression for working your way up to the one arm dip is the one arm wall dips, as shown in this video.

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