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Diet cheat days boost metabolism, what to do to get a six pack fast - Try Out

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By Torey ==> Psst, Sign up for your Free Quick Start Guide Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram 6 CommentsCheat days have become the newest fad. So many use the cheat day as a way to give you a break or a reprieve mentally.  It allows you to eat some of those foods you have been avoiding while on your weight loss program. What some have discovered with research is that something physically takes place when you incorporate a cheat day. When you diet or restrict calories and nutrients your body will start to deplete a hormone called leptin.  Leptin is a powerful hormone that can influence your weight loss or even cause you to gain weight if it manipulated in the wrong way.
A cheat day is important in this situation because by allowing you to eat more calories, more sugar, more fat, etc allows the hormone leptin to increase and calm down. By raising your leptin level back to normal it starts to think “We are not starving” and tells the brain to stop conserving and trying to protect the body.
One thing to be careful with this method though is that 1 cheat day doesn’t turn into 2 cheat days and then 3 cheat days, etc, etc.  There are some individuals that have a hard time getting back on the program the next day so if you use this type of program be careful to not fall into this trap. Most will look forward to this method and don’t mind getting back to the program the next day knowing that the next cheat day is coming in 3-5 days. Remember, to keep your sanity and keep your metabolism boosted, add in a cheat day every 4 days or so for maximum results. About ToreyWhen not helping others through my 17 Day Diet Blog, I enjoy traveling, searching for my next, unique Coach bag, and playing with my dog, Parker.
I have lost over 50 pounds in 7 months on the 17 day diet and do incorporate cheat days when my weight loss plateaus for several days. Research finds we have strong associations with Monday and Friday, while we have weaker associations with the middle days, leading us to confuse them more. That coveted cheat meal you’ve been powering through cups of vegetables and chicken breasts for is more than loading up on junk food. While your goal should be to fully satisfy your junk food desires, cheat meals still require some form moderation and compromise.

Of course, it's not a free-for-all when it comes to your cheat day and increasing leptin levels. Gorging yourself on ice cream and pizza pie may sound delicious, but doesn't make for an ideal metabolism-boosting cheat day. The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics says that ultimately, sustained weight loss is achieved through a moderate calorie deficit, regular physical activity and small dietary indulgences versus full-blown cheat days. A cheat day is essentially a day where you allow yourself to enjoy french fries on the side and rich walnut brownies for dessert.
Generally it takes a few days for the body to recognize the calorie restriction and the leptin level to start to fall, which is why a cheat day is usually inserted somewhere between the 3rd and 5th day of a restricted calorie weight loss program. In the Fat Loss Factor course on how to lose weight fast, there is one cheat day every week. When you purchase a weight loss kit from My 17 Day Diet Blog, you’re not only supporting my family, but you’re allowing me to give back to women business owners all over the world. First, it is important to clarify that a cheat day is most successful when a single meal that day is regarded as the cheat.
It's a the one day per week when you can stray from a diet plan and enjoy the favorite foods that you've been forgoing. Even the most chiseled gym rat would lose their mind sticking to a strict diet over the course of 12 weeks.
Oftentimes, it may take several weeks to see the scale budge, so knowing that a cheat day is coming can help keep up motivation,” Guinta explained.
Constant dieting will eventually lead to caloric deficits which causes our energy levels to plummet.
If you execute this cheat day -- or even a single cheat meal -- with planning and care, it may help boost your metabolism.

However, carefully strategizing your cheat day to reap the increased leptin levels can mean a welcome boost in metabolism. For example, if you’re looking to follow a dieting plan that allows five smaller meals throughout the day, then you will be consuming 35 meals a week. Let’s say Monday through Saturday are healthy eating days and Sunday is the day for your cheat meal. A calorie bomb provided by your cheat meal will help the body maintain energy levels needed to continue dieting and exercising.
A free meal that allows you to indulge in whatever your heart (and taste buds) desire may seem too good to be true, but cheat meals are actually essential for a healthy diet.
Sticking to your diet six days out of the week seems a lot more attainable with some scoops of Ben & Jerry’s waiting at the end. Having said that, there’s a right way to do a cheat meal that will aid in weight loss and there’s a wrong way that could end up hindering your overall weight loss goal.
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