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Diet cheat day ideas, high protein muffins - Within Minutes

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We go 6 days following a restrictive diet to perfection, then the bell rings to start the 7th day and we “feed” all we want from the minute we wake up until we need our stomach pumped. Here are 5 reasons a diet cheat day is flat-out dangerous both for your weight loss efforts and your health in general.
Alcohol or Drug Cheat Days –Indulging in your favorite drugs  or alcohol all day once a week. Sleep Cheat Days – Stay awake 6 days then sleep 24 hours in a row.  Think of all you’ll get done!
EET is a diet and exercise plan that focuses on improving your metabolism through proper Eating, Activity and Exercise TIMING to match your body's natural metabolic cycle. The goal of EET is to end yo-yo dieting and short term exercise success by focusing on helping you build a sustainable plan for your lifestyle. While I understand where you’re coming from on eschewing a cheat day, I have had good luck using one over the years. I do agree with you in one point only, cheat days are bad for you if you spend all the day eating like an animal, do not do it like you have never seen food before !! Fifth Point-I’m not sure where you got the idea that a cheat day could trigger an eating disorder. I appreciate your concern for the mental health of individuals that are trying to diet, but besides the POTENTIAL mental dangers of attempting to lose weight and maintain proper health, I would say that a cheat day isn’t necessarily a bad thing for people with certain body types. Bottom line is no one has to die of a cheat day for them to be dangerous, and many people run into some fairly serious problems because of it. Fortunately, I do have a pretty good handle on eating and exercise timing (EET), so I have pretty much gotten away with murder for the last 3 years with all kinds of fun treats and high calorie days throughout the week while losing over 30 pounds and maintaining my weight below my high school weight (I’m 48 now) and seeing more muscle tone than I ever have.
Thanks for the helpful article I am currently doing the 4HB diet in the UK for the past 3 weeks.
Having a cheat day could be dangerous for some but for me losing 13lbs by eating protein and slow carbs has been amazing.
My cheat days do make me feel tired and my first cheat day I went mad eating all the things I miss.
Hey there I just read the article I understand of what you are saying in the dangers of excessive cheat days and how tempting it could be to just keep on stuffing yourself until the day is done.

Although you make some interesting comments and have some good thoughts and criticisms regarding cheat-day diets, these things do not constitute evidence. I admire your caution against the dangers of binging, but this post really doesn’t address the science behind the Slow Carb diet. 3) Cheat days are very very hard to sustain — oh sure, you keep your cheat day, but most cannot stay on any diet where you are restricted 6 days a week for any length of time, When you fall off a diet cheat day, most people FALL HARD, because they have deprived and restricted themselves so much the other 6 days that their body overcompensates with additional cravings and a desire to store more fat to protect itself against any further deprivation.
Anyone using a cheat day should acknowledge these above risks and more are clear dangers from a WEIGHT LOSS and health perspective. And, finally, while I congratulate you on your success for 5 weeks on your diet, most dieters lose a lot of weight from a sound diet plan for some period of weeks or even months. As I told Rob above, I hope you are the exception and prove me completely wrong — I know how hard sustained weight loss is and I am a huge fan of people losing weight and keeping it off so if the cheat day ultimately works for you, that would be great! I get that this was written from the viewpoint of a competing diet plan, and 4HB is getting a lot of positive buzz, but come on … at least have some facts to back up your assertions.
2) I see this day as a “diet break” where I can mentally let go of the stress of dieting and be more “normal”, I think this reduces my stress overall and stress reduction helps weight loss.
No Moderation or Control on Cheat days Carries Far More Risk Than Benefits to Your Physical and Mental Health. I saw allow yourself a cheat day once a month but dont look soooooooo foward to it, train hard and eat right and youll be fine.
According to you, it’s so unhealthy to have a cheat day once in a while that in no way should I eat cake and ice cream on my birthday. For me, its nice to KNOW that I’ll have a day in the near future that I can let go and have some junk food. I’ve been on my diet with the cheat day for 19 weeks starting tomorrow and knowing that it is just a day to check off cravings instead of indulge until death us obvious. I myself have been on cheat days to some success, until I felt that food started to rule my life and I couldn’t wait for the six days to fly by so I can have another day of gluttony. Even though it continues to be about for numerous a long time, it seems that this diet has become significantly a lot more common in recent months!
The problem with the slow carb diet, and all other conventional diets, even with a cheat day, is CAN YOU STAY ON THEM!

I can’t speak for anyone but myself, but after almost two years on the Slow Carb Diet I leave cheat day behind with gratitude, knowing that I will eat well all week, while planning a few treats for the next cheat day.
I don’t mean that literally, but overeating the wrong kinds of food all day is obviously unhealthy. I think that a few smaller treats throughout the week as opposed to one giant day of overeating is a lot better in the long-run. My opinion is if a person is sitting down to a cheat day meal after substantial weight loss, it may actually be more motivational for those looking on. Now, having lost the weight I wanted to, I can occasionally cheat throughout the week if there’s a very special occasion. You look forward to that one day when you can have something that you shouldnt have every day- its like a special occassion.
Now the cheat day allows me to have that extra helping of Indian take-out, go for seconds at Thanksgiving dinner, and let it all slosh around in my gut while I lie back and watch TV, guilt free. The one thing though that I do caution with people of what I have experienced from doing a cheat day for one day is I am tired some of the day when I am doing it and it still even affects me the next day. Dieting well six days a week, and having a structured cheat day (it’s not as hog-wild as most suggest, if you do it as outlined in the book) is no more harmful than being obese. Over time though, the discipline you have been following in the previous 4-6 weeks starts to leak into your cheat day. The nights before the big day, I had trouble sleeping because I was so excited for tomorrow! So a word of caution go slow don’t just eat everything in sight even though it is your one day cheat day.
If you allow one cheat day, I’m sure you can go through with the diet for the rest of your life and actually enjoy it!

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