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Deltoids action, what burn belly fat - PDF Review

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The deltoid muscle is divided into three parts: an anterior or front third, a middle or lateral third, and a posterior third.
From the back, you can see that the deltoid starts at the spine (a ridge along the top) of the scapula and ends at the humerus about halfway down the shaft. One common mistake is to draw the deltoid rounding above the clavicle and the scapula when the arm is resting by the side.

When drawing the shoulder notice how shape of the deltoid changes, it rounds out more as it is raised.
All three parts of this muscle converge to insert onto the deltoid tuberosity on the side of the humerus. As you can see the deltoid is a surface muscle that creates the major shape of the shoulder.

You will probably be able to see where the deltoid connects and notice the change in shape as you raise it.

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