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I personally believe that the mental benefits of the deload week far outweigh the physical benefits. In order to create these mini-break periods, we cut our training frequency from four times per week to twice a week during our deload weeks. Whether you're a coach or someone in training, you need to schedule routine deload weeks into your training program. Make a deload week a regular part of your program design, not something you do when your body breaks down. In the new philosophy, I planned to break the sixteen-week block into four, four-week mini-cycles with a deload week scheduled for every fourth week.

It will be a constant battle to convince them that taking a deload week will actually make them stronger.
While I love being a coach and I love the athletes I train, we absolutely need a break from each other every few weeks. He explained that powerlifters often cut back on training the week before a meet in order to prevent them from being fatigued and worn out during competition.
The scheduled deload weeks would keep us fresh throughout the entire sixteen-week period and enable us to perform better throughout the entire training block.
I'm very happy to say that this hasn't happened one timesince implementing the deload week.

I began to notice guys miss on weights that they had moved easily a few weeks ago and perform less reps on body weight movements.

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