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Deload week starting strength, sets of 6 - Within Minutes

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When we start strength we would be foolish if we didn’t take advantage of the amazing grace period that comes with it – easy and fast strength gains! The novice effect persists for varying lengths of time depending on how much athletic and strength training experience the individual has.
All novice lifters at CrossFit Ironstone will start strength using 5 Rep linear progressions. Many affiliates go the next step beyond a basic linear progression by changing the prescribed number of Reps week to week.
The Cube Method – A super cool Strength Program that treats exercises, training method and training day like a big rubix cube.
They use percentages, different rep prescriptions, higher frequency of squatting and a varying template to load volume over the course of a cycle and increase strength.

Because each week builds off the last it is VERY IMPORTANT that you log your results, write them in a notepad, or save them in your phone. 2 pounds a week would yield a very respectable increase of 72 pounds over a 6 month period by following a basic LP. Often this gets programmed as a cycle involving reps in the 5, 3, and sometimes 1 rep range followed by a volume or deload week where we back off high percentage work and allow the muscles to adapt and grow stronger by moving lighter weight quickly for more reps.
On day one this athlete squatted 135 for 5 reps – 6 weeks later by adding 10 pounds every week the same athlete is at 185. Still, by adding 5 pounds every week athlete Y finds themselves having increased their 5 rep max by 30 pounds over a 6 week period. Programs such as Hatch Squat are excellent, but often come at a time cost to training other skills, which is why so many athletes will only do a cycle or two of these programs once a year in the off-season before putting their new found strength to work for the remainder of the year.

Save the true rep max testing for when testing is specified, until then focus on getting stronger week after week.
If you are in your first days of the Starting Strength program, you should warm up with the bar, then try adding some weight. Remember to reinforce proper technique by starting lighter.How To ProgressWhen you are in the novice shoes, the progression will come more easy because your body is not accustomed with weights.

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